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ED: Let’s make it

There is a need of comprehensive military strategy to be choked out in a bid to deal with any uncertainty across the country in war against all form of insurgents, but especially against the Taliban insurgents—who recently announced their spring offensive. The Taliban insurgents has unleashed its annual so-called “spring offensive”, saying they will target Afghan and foreign forces. In a formal announcement the insurgency claimed “Operation Mansouri” already went into action across all 34 provinces. It explained the offensive has been named after Taliban head Mullah Akhtar Mansour, who was killed in an US drone last year. According to statement, these operations would involve conventional attacks, guerrilla warfare, complex martyrdom (suicide) attacks, insider attacks, and use of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) to achieve their objectives. It is very amazing that Taliban insurgents said to use everything to achieve objectives. What is the objective? The objective of terrorism is terrorisms.  If you’re goal is to find way to the Presidential Palace, so you can’t achieve it through war. War leads toward nothing, but leaving behind it is dark legacy of destruction. If you want the pullout of foreign forces from Afghanistan, so the reason behind their stay is your insurgency. Shun fighting today—the foreign forces would leave Afghanistan tomorrow. Your evil and irrational war has prolonged their stay here. If the Taliban insurgents are really willing to see Afghanistan free from foreign forces, it is very easy through paying ground for their withdrawal by the joining to the table of negotiation with the Afghan government. The door peace is always open for you (Taliban) and other peace lover insurgent outfits. It is a fact that the killing of innocent Afghans would not lead militants to their goal. Reconciliation is the best way. Today the Taliban insurgents are fighting a war which they already defeated. The brave Afghan security forces chased and killed them across the country. Last year’s Taliban operation “Omari” was dashed to the ground by the Afghan security forces. Surly, their new spring offensive would face the same scenario. None is denying that some regional players are backing Taliban insurgents to continue the war. But, it is up to them (Taliban) to see who the victim is—it is Pakistan’s no, Iranians no, Americans no, Russians no, and etc… but only and only the Afghan masses—their own brothers and sisters. Though the Taliban insurgents are leaving no stone unturned, in which they recently captured the Qala-i-Zal district of northern Kunduz province after two days of heavy clashes. But such seizing is temporary. It doesn’t last long. Soon the security forces would recapture the district. Nevertheless, the core point is that why Taliban insurgent doesn’t realize that war is not the solution. They have this experience for more than decades—in case it was solution, so Afghanistan that have been suffering from four decades of war, could have been the safest place in the surface of this planet. Though the Taliban insurgents engaged in peaceful negotiations with the Afghan government through some channels, but, however there is little sign of any outcome. It would be better for the group to have direct contacts with the government instead of third party. Face-to-face talks would be the most reliable way to move forward. Let’s make it possible to have peace deal with the Taliban insurgents just like we did with Hezb-e-Islmai Afghanistan, the second largest militants group in the country. The Afghan people are waiting for that day.



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