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ED: Loya Jirga and coalition

For many, coalition is a very much new word, to be clearer it’s a western word which Afghans are not much familiar with it. But since once talk about Loya Jirga, everyone even the Afghan children are understand the meaning, taking it as a precious word in resolving any sort of problems through. This history of Loya Jirga goes back to the era of King Amanullah Khan that was held in Paghman, western part of Kabul, almost one hundred years ago. If you compare this word with coalition, it would be great injustice against history. Loya Jirga, or “grand assembly” is a mass national gathering that brings together representatives from the various ethnic, religious, and tribal communities in Afghanistan. The core reason behind this get-together is to discuses important affairs of our country, especially in haziness situation. This time-span institution had been convened at times of national crisis to settle national issues, is a scenario that Afghanistan currently engaged in. At status-quo, we need to have Jirga to copy with current challenges instead of making coalition. It is a fact that some countries are making all out efforts to demolish this pride of the Afghan masses. Those leaders who agree in making coalition is actually going against traditional Loya Jirga, which indeed this strengthening the wings of enemies, and surly weaken us. It is the duty of everyone, those who are setting in the echelon of the government, and the commoner Afghans to safeguard their prides, and don’t let evil hands to destroy it. There is also huge different in adequacy of coalition and Jirga. All Afghans from every parts of the country would go for Jirga instead of coalition. As a matter of fact, in the past we have seen many coalitions, but none of them brought peace and stability. Moreover, according to Constitution, a Loya Jirga is considered the highest expression of the Afghan people. Though it is not an official decision-making body, but it plays a significant role in turning situation into favor. So there is a vast difference between these two—Loya Jirga means grand assembly comprising from all the people—coalition is a temporary alliance for combined action, especially of political parties forming a government. Taking this in view, we should understand that there are some elements in disguise of friend that want to knock down our precious pride. Why we should go for coalition when we have opportunity to convene Loy Jirga. It shows that something is going wrong.

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