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ED: Making political prison by our own hands

Do we live in political prison—some may say yes, but others no. What would be fortune to turn our country into a prison, where none feels free from high-ranking government officials to ordinary one? For those who see this pessimistically, they may argue that whole word is a prison. But they are not our point of focus as they already declare it—but to those who believe on political stability, and thinking to change the prison into power of freedom. They take steps to encourage expression of opinions openly, invoking the wrath of the invisible, dark forces who consider themselves above the law. In the course of history, we, the Afghan masses, have shown courage to stand against forces of darkness. We are already fighting 20 terrorist groups, which are force of devil. A wise person will never stay silent and cow before the evil force. That’s why none can destroy this great nation despite we are in decades of war with monster enemies. We will use every single platform available to agitate against them (militant groups). In that fight we are in the same line. But what about inner political game—do we also find ourselves in the same boat? It would be irrational to say yes. There is a huge rift among different political parties and the National Unity Government, even government officials are in this race and goes against central government decision. As democracy is still evolving in Afghanistan, it would be foolish to expect a turbulence-free replacement, and assignments, especially against the powerful wings. However, since we have NUG as form of government, it is compel to every officials to obey by the order. There should be no argument over it. Really not buying the spat of legality as well, because when there is progress or achievements, so it’s legal government, acceptable to all, but when personnel interests crushed, so individuals raise questions of legitimacy of the government. In these days there is friction between President Ashraf Ghani and Atta Mohammad Noor, the powerful governor of Balkh province. Accepting Noor’s resignation, President Ghani appointed Mohammad Dawod as his successor. This shift is not acceptable for Noor as he said his resignation was based on condition that has not been fulfilled. This also led into big headache, as some security officials and Wolesi Jirga members divided into two parts; one expressed their gratitude over decision, while other opposed it. Now political stability depends on wise decision to stop the flame of hater against the government, and also the work gets done. This new chapter that at somehow turning country into political instability, have to be freeze at soonest time—before our enemies benefit of it. If we stick with what called political rifts, it will tear our country apart, and our sworn enemies would jump into scene to further enlarge it. Let’s put aside all differences as we are at end of 2017, everything takes on a new look. It would be of utmost happiness moment to see our leaders, including influential figures to gather under one roof and discus ways how to build our motherland, which has suffered long decade with no end in sight. National interests, and rule of law in the country must be preferred as compared to individual interests in order to meet national harmony for all, and prerequisites of democracy.



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