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ED: Really trapped between Daesh, Taliban

Does Afghanistan really trapped between two atrocities—first, the Taliban insurgents, who freshly killed over 140 Afghan soldiers, and, second the Islamic State (IS), aka Daesh militants, who recently killed, and wounded over 100 people in 400-bed military hospital in Kabul. Both the militants are the enemies of Afghan government and the people. There is no distinguishing between them, and other terrorist outfits in the country. 20 terrorist groups are engaged in their evil designs in the country—all of them are terrorists at eyes of Afghans. In actual fact, the Afghan masses are not concern despite the fact that these terrorist groups operating here—that’s due to strong wings of the Afghan security forces. The moral of Afghan security forces have never been down, as they are chasing militants across the country. They are killing Taliban insurgents, and Daesh militants in daily basis nationwide. However, the governor of northern Balkh province, Atta Mohammad Noor said that Afghans were trapped between Taliban and Daesh. At real scene he is right. Some countries are supporting Taliban, and some Daesh militants, but the Afghans are the victims. Taliban is receiving orders from a country which itself is a corrupt. In a veiled reference to Pakistan, Balkh governor said the Talban had befriended a country not ruled by Islamic law. “The country was a servant of former British and current colonizers.” Pakistan and some other countries besides refusing to recognize the Mujahideen government also made efforts to defeat them, a scenario that gave birth to the Taliban, al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups. Daesh and Taliban are the name of two brutalities and regional intelligence had imposed them on the Afghans. At somehow it indicates that the government is really trapped between these terrorist groups. When security forces fight Taliban insurgents, some countries stand in their support through peace talks or through other ways—same situation, other countries become unhappy when security forces kill Daesh fighters. It is also known that Taliban and Daesh militants are at the same business of destroying the country. Daesh insurgents are the old Taliban fighters who have changed the white flag into black. Recently, a US military official in Kabul said that Russia was providing machine guns and other medium-weight weapon to the Taliban. However, Russia strongly rejected as unsubstantiated the US allegation that it is supplying arms to the group. At the same time Russia has showed interest to engaged in Afghan conflict, as recently asked the Taliban to end the armed confrontation and join the Afghan-owned and Afghan-lead peace and reconciliation process. Bluntly speaking, the regional countries, and the US is working for their interest, whether if they want to bring Taliban to the negotiation table or covertly supports Taliban and Daesh militants with weaponries. We are not trapped between terrorists, but we are trapped between some regional neighbors who are supporting these militant outfits. Sans sincere approach of regional countries and the US, Afghanistan would never turn out to be a state free of militants.

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