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ED: Think before commenting

The Afghan population falls like an overwhelming shadow over the map of present day Afghanistan and Pakistan that shape these two countries and the rest of modern South Asia. The homeland of the enterprising and brave Afghan masses, from the border of the Punjab to parts of Balochistan and south-southeastern Afghanistan, is divided by the powerful destiny-shaping Durand Line. Rajiv Dogra, former diplomat and expert on Afghanistan and Pakistan, has written a comprehensive account of the origin, problems of the Durand Line and indicates the way ahead. The Book titled Durand Curse: A line Across the Pathan Heart. It is crystal clear that we are divided by this line, hoping to retake our territory and reintegrate with our brothers and sisters. The Line has been imposed on us and the history is very much known to all of us, it’s clear as daylight. We have gone thought many ups and downs during our history, also passed three Anglo-Afghan wars, but among those the Britain’s partitioning of Afghanistan will rank as the greatest crime of the nineteenth century. That arbitrary line which Mortimer Durand drew in 1893 on a small piece of paper continues to bleed Afghanistan and hound the world. However, we, the Afghan masses will never recognize this Line as an intentional boundary between Kabul and Islamabad rather it is only a Line as it comes out from its name (Durand Line). In the past, our ambassador to Islamabad rejected to recognize Durand Line as a border between two states at the very nose of Pakistan. Our former president, Hamid Karzai, and incumbent, Ashraf Ghani and all other high-ranking government officials, including the ordinary Afghans strongly rejected this claim of Pakistan. In several occasion they opposed and will continue till to regain our lost land and people. When British ambassador to Kabul, Nicholas Peter Kay recently called Durand Line as an internationally recognized border between Afghanistan and Pakistan—a sensitive issue, government officials termed it a reckless remark. Members of the Senate strongly condemned British ambassador’s statement regarding the Durand Line, terming it an irresponsible remark. Our National Security Advisor, Haneef Atmar also called on foreign diplomats to restrain from commenting on Durand Line. He urged foreign diplomats to respect the historic rights of Afghanistan and understand the sensitivity of the Afghan people regarding the national and historic values, including Durand Line issue. It itself shows strong reaction, indicting it is the Afghans only who have right to decide over its fate. Such statement is not acceptable, and the foreign diplomats should think twice before to leave behind any comment on this issue. Anyways, there is widely believed that Pakistan has been supporting and harboring terrorist outfits in order to keep the flame of war alive in Afghanistan. The endeavor is to keep Afghanistan always busy in war because if peace comes then Afghanistan will start efforts to reclaim Durand Line occupied by Pakistan. However, we have hope and dedication. The day will not be too far to see we recaptured our land and reunited with our people. The wickedness will not last forever. Pakistan will soon reduce in several pieces due to its bad attitude and wrongdoings.


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