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ED: Washington focusing on Kabul security

The United States seems to have become interested in improving security situation in Kabul – a city that has never been safe. The situation in Kabul which is home to scores of foreign agencies like embassies, offices of international organizations and bases of foreign troops, has aggravated in past months with deadly attacks having claimed lives of hundreds of Afghans as well as tens of expats.

The top US forces’ commander in Afghanistan, General John Nicholson has recently said that security in Kabul city was a priority for the US. Though Gen. Nicholson did not elaborate, but his statement is apparently the continuation of remarks by other US officials that have emphasized on how to bring the restive situation under control.

The war that people of Afghanistan are facing with is not mapped, organized and led inside the country as the Afghans have already experienced a long war and are more than enough exhausted of it to go on.

This is a good intention to protect security either only in the capital city because of the foreigners’ presence or in all across the country to keep poor Afghan villagers away from bloodshed. But the question is how to do so? It is almost impossible to prevent attacks in a town or an area but leave the entries open. There are hundreds of checkpoints in different provinces where police officers search vehicles as some kind of prevent terrorist attacks. But this is only inside an area where explosives and suicide vests are not made, bombers are not trained and brainwashed. These are all carried out beyond the borders where the Taliban, Haqqani network and other armed groups enjoy safe havens, financial supports and arms facilities.

The ‘hide and seek’ type of fight against bombers is not working and was proved in the past. So, our international partners are requested to focus on the security in Afghanistan by hitting terrorism outside Afghanistan’s border. They have to pressure our neighboring country and wipe out the roots of terrorism.

Cutting off the financial lines to terrorism, removing their training centers and helping Afghan security forces in tightening security along the border line will surely give expecting results to ensure security not only in Kabul, but across Afghanistan. Through this way, we will manage to save the lives of Afghans and foreign guests who risk their lives in staying here to help our reconstruction program. Otherwise, terrorists will continue entering and carrying attacks despite scores of efforts that are limited inside the cities and rural areas of Afghanistan.

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