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ED: What does Pakistan benefit from supporting militants?

The recent remark of the US officials regarding Pakistan-based terrorists is at somehow projecting America’s interest in bringing peace in Afghanistan by eliminating their (militants) hideouts in Pakistan soil. A top US spymaster has said that Pakistan-based terrorists groups are “planning to attack” both India and Afghanistan. Islamabad has failed to curb militants and terrorists in Pakistan, Daniel Coats, Director of the US National Intelligence told members of the United States Senate Select Committee of Intelligence during a Congressional hearing on Worldwide threats. These terrorists would defiantly sustained threat to the United States’ interest in the region. This remark by high-ranking US military official has sent a clear message to the two time-tested friends—Afghanistan and India, aimed at taking actions against these militants in international level— a move which surly benefits Afghanistan. Since long time Pakistan-based terrorists have killed and wounded a large numbers of Afghans. But this time this should be taken seriously. The government of Afghanistan and the people knows that Pakistan our neighbor is becoming jellies when sees Kabul and New Delhi enjoying good relations. Afghanistan once was known for its functioning as the economic corridor for the Silk Road and other ancient trade routes in the region; still we are on that position, but since Pakistan supporting militants to have bullets in their weapons to continue their irrational war, Afghanistan has less opportunity to focus on economy, and use this golden opportunity. Though, Afghanistan is a landlocked country, but located in a strategic location, connecting Central Asia to South Asia and East Asia to West Asia. The dark side is that militants are at large in Afghanistan. Pakistan is the main reason behind their presence, as they (militants) are being supporting by the Pakistan covertly and overtly. The country can’t deny the fact of harboring and supporting militants. What Pakistan really looking forward to gain via militancy. Why the country is supporting Taliban, al-Qaeda, Islamic State (IS) and i.e. Afghanistan always had positive intention toward Pakistan, and tried best to mend the rusting ties. President Ashraf Ghani visited Pakistan soon after assuming office, but he frustrated as Pakistan have never renounced supporting militants. The Afghan government and the people are very much eager to know why Pakistan is hell-being in destroying Afghanistan via supporting insurgents. If Pakistan dreaming to have control on Afghanistan in the interest of spreading its political, economic, and ideological hegemony in the region—it is better for her to wake up form a dream which never come true. If this is what Pakistan wants, so it’s impossible? It is time for Pakistan to put an end to its security dilemma with Kabul and New Delhi, instead destroy militant’s safe havens in its soil. Pakistan has to think that what the country has benefited from supporting militancy. Nothing at all, but has earned bad name of supporting militancy. Since it is cleared that Pakistan-based terrorist are at eyes of carrying out attacks in two friendly countries, US, India, and Afghanistan should officially send warning letters to Pakistan, asking its high-profile military officials to take serious action against militants, or in case of negligent, serious action would be taken against Pakistan itself. In view of the fact that Pakistan is taking India as its enemy, here is worth mentioning that Indo-Afghan relations are among the few bilateral ties that include elements of civilizational, emotional and strategic imperatives and bonds.

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