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ED: Where we stand

It is very tragic to learn that over 100 Afghan Army forces were killed and wounded as a result of the Taliban attack on the army headquarters in Mazar-i-Sharf. This cowardly attack conducted on Friday when security forces were performing Friday’s prayer. Taliban attackers disguised in military uniforms of the government army droved military vehicles onto the territory of the base and opened fire. The attackers used rocket-propelled grenades and rifles. Around 10 Taliban fighters participated in the act. It is the latest in a string of deadly assaults against the Afghan military sites, which underscores rising insecurity in the war-torn country as it braces for an intense fighting season in the spring. The last major attack against a military site was in early March when gunmen disguised as doctors stormed the Sardar Daud Khan hospital—the country’s largest military—in Kabul, killing dozens. We all know that Taliban and other militant outfits are clear enemies, and would not hesitate an inch in killing Afghan security forces, and innocent people. Taliban insurgents once again proved that they are not trust worthy at all. By claiming this attack, Taliban insurgents have clearly sent a message of war, bloodshed and violence to the Afghan people and the government. They don’t believe in peace talks too. The third round of meeting that recently held in Moscow to push for political negotiations between Afghan government and the Taliban insurgents is now under question. Russia has offered to host peace talks between Kabul administration and Taliban group, but after the bloody attack, it seems that Taliban insurgents are not willing to engage in kind of peace talks through any channel. This inhuman act, has forced us not to engage with this brutal group to any sort of talks, rather the Afghan security forces should run after them in every mountain and valley of the country. This brutality unmasked the real face of the Taliban insurgents once again. It is a crystal fact that Taliban insurgents and other form of militants are hell-bent on killing Afghan masses. But, most importantly, how these Taliban insurgents could gain access to the military vehicles, why they were not recognized and stopped before to reach the target. We should admit that there was security failure. No compromise is acceptable toward Afghan security forces, as they are the true son of this soil, and protects the country at cost of their lives. Such negligence is not tolerable to any level. It should be clear that where we stand when it comes to the matter of the Taliban insurgents. Do we want to have peace talks with them, or we have to fight them? Does the group deserve any privilege after this? A visible mechanism is the need of the hour to set apart to whom we are going to have peace talks, and why? But taking in view the current viciousness of the group, the National Unity Government should call on the international community, including Russia, to equip Afghan security forces with modern weaponries to launch a comprehensive operation against the Taliban insurgents, and kill them in every parts of the country as revenge to our decent brave security forces. Long Live to the Afghan security forces, and your sacrifices in defending motherland will never be forgotten, rather be stumps on the chest of every Afghans forever.



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