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Editorial: Afghan-India air corridor

Afghan and Indian authorities officially inaugurated the first-ever air corridor between Kabul and New Delhi, fulfilling the dream of Afghan traders who have been long keen to get easier access to Indian markets.

Relationship between Afghanistan and India has been in its best since long years ago and New Delhi is an important friendly country to Kabul. It has been playing a significant role in the reconstruction after the war imposed on us by one of our neighboring countries.

Several projects were carried out by Indian assistance that the new parliament building and the Salma dam in Herat province are an example of India’s help with Afghan people and government.

Unfortunately, while some of our neighbors export terrorism and instability to Afghanistan, India help us in making a peaceful and prosperous life, as thousands of Afghan boys and girls are studying in different universities of India with the scholarship granted by the government of India. This indicates that India really wants a stable neighboring country with educated people that serve and lead their country to a bright future.

The latest step can be another significant measure by India to more facilitate trade between the two countries. Now, our businessmen can export goods to India with less cost. They can also import things we need from India easily. The most thing Afghans need and like is the high quality Indian medicine.

As President Ghani said on Monday in the inauguration of the air corridor that “those who make obstacles and challenges for Afghanistan, must know that we can turn the challenges into opportunities”, we will use this opportunity to further strengthen our historical relationship and help each other’s economy through making facilities in the import and export.

The relationship between Afghanistan and India will undoubtedly result in more isolation of those countries that want to go ahead in the shadow of terrorism and extremism. The countries that want an unstable Afghanistan, are now realizing that they were going the wrong way, and progress is not achieved through destabilizing others. Progress can be gained in mutual cooperation and paying respect to your neighbors’ safety and territorial integrity.

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