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Editorial: Afghanistan Times

To bring out a newspaper is to live a circular existence. Over the course of years, there are writers to be contacted, story to be developed, edits to be completed, editorials to be written. Then there’s the final stretch of all-nighters with our production team as the pages are designed and proofread, headlines and captions written, final changes made and then — with the press of a computer key — the whole work is sent to the printing machine. It’s exhausting and exhilarating. And as one cycle ends, another begins. Delivery thing must be checked double whether the paper is delivered on time to all subscribers. It’s a full day journey to print a paper. And we are happy doing a toughest job. Yes, here we are celebrating our 13th anniversary with pride and entering to our 14 years’ journey. We are delighted to celebrate this important day. Since its inception, the Afghanistan Times Daily has made efforts to disseminate impartial information to the public thoughts. We proudly can say that Afghanistan Times become eye and light of young democracy. Fourteen years ago today, Afghanistan Times started activity among other media family—a crucial moment where beside Afghans, international community needed to know the incidents and development of Afghanistan correctly and transparently. We are committed to serve the nation while following the principles of professionalism and journalistic ethics, and today our popularity is based on that rules and regulations. We are a non-partisan, non-profit, impartial and neutral media organization, founded in July 2006. Advertisements and subscription are our major sources of income. The Afghanistan Times is published in 12 pages including 4 pages in color. It covers news, articles and photos in different sectors, including political, social, cultural issues as well as sports, entertainment, economy, provinces, South Asia and World. News and reports on the most important events of the day are also printed. Since its establishment, the Afghanistan Times has tried to extend its circulation and services to as many people and agencies as possible. At the very beginning, circulation was 3000 copies, and later on it increased to 6000 copies per day. Today the Afghanistan Times daily newspaper has subscribers in foreign embassies, NGOs, different businesses, Airlines, Hotels, Bookstores and Individuals. However, this journey was not much easy as violence against journalists and media outlets still continue and we as a media outlet also suffered. Former editor-in-chief Abdul Saboor Sarir was harassed and assaulted by unidentified gunmen. He was beaten up in Kabul, the capital city at gunpoint. Nevertheless, such moves have never deterred the strong resolve of Afghanistan Times for impartial reporting. Our impartiality and fair reflection of news in the country have made Afghanistan Times a trustful and important printed media outlet for national and international readers.  We will continue working in order to be remembered as a paragon of fearless journalism.

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