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Editorial: ANSDF firm in battlefield

The Afghan National Security and Defense Forces (ANSDF) have been always remaining firm in the battleground against militants. Their tremendous performance against the militants is worth of appreciation. With no doubts, they serve the country even at the extremely fluid security situation. Their bravery is like open book to all of us. To maintain security in the country, the ANSDF on Friday drove insurgents back as they launched mass attacks on all the six districts of Kunduz province, in which the militants sustained huge casualties.

Kunduz Police Chief, Gen Mohammad Qasim Jangalbagh, said that Taliban insurgents had launched mass attacks under operation ‘Omari’ in several Kunduz districts including the capital city, where the Afghan security forces have given a tit-for-tat response to their assaults. He added that 40 of Taliban insurgents were killed and tens of others were wounded. According to him different weapons were also seized from Taliban during battlefield. At the other hand ANSDF had killed ten militants, including seven foreigners in a clearing operation in the Kharwar district of central Logar province. Samim Khapalwak, the governor’s spokesman, said that Taliban commanders Mullah Saber, Mullah Sabawoon and Mullah Bashir were also killed in the operation. The Afghan security forces had inflicted great blow to the Taliban insurgents by killing their commanders.  The ANSFD had proved the mettle and standing firm against insurgents.

After the insurgents rejected to join the Afghan-owned and Afghan-led peace and reconciliation process, the hope that the Afghans were pinned on the talks, aimed at restoring peace and security in the war-hit country, were dashed to the ground. The ANSFD is the only hope for the Afghans. Moreover, performance and gains of the ANSDF during 14 years of war has increased trust of Afghans over their men and women in uniform manifolds. Furthermore, Afghans would never overlook over sacrifices rendering by the ANSDF in defending their homeland. For sure, their sacrifices will be never erased from our minds and hearts. In fact, the ANSDF is extinguishing the fire of war with their blood to fulfill the promises of free and smokeless air to breath. War is not the solution to any conflict at all. The government still believes in peace. The door of peace would never shut down to any form of insurgent groups who are willing to shun violence and join the peace talks. Since the Afghan forces are performing well at the battleground, there is still time for the Taliban to renounce violence and reintegrate the civil life.

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