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Editorial: At thin-skinned situation

Taking in view the status-quo of the country, one can easily go through that Afghanistan is going in a thin-skinned situation. Situation is not good indeed. Sensitivity of the issue is getting complicated day to day, especially after the Wednesday deadly truck bombing that killed and wounded over 500 Kabul residents. People were not finished from mourning when another heart-break incident took place as six Kabul protesters were killed after security forces fired on air to disrupt them. A large number of Kabul residents took out to the streets to express their anger over government failure to protect Kabul residents. But peaceful demonstration tuned deadly. The protest now turned to its 5th day. It was not end of the day, as seven more people had been killed and dozens other wounded during funeral ceremony blasts. High governmental officials, including the Chief Executive Officer, Abdullah Abdullah were also in funeral ceremony when three suicide bombers detonated their explosives. This is really embarrassing to see back to back blasts in Kabul, and will defiantly raise many eyebrows over failure of security institutions. They are failed to prevent these attacks. But since corruption has covered security bodies till nick—so such coward terrorist attacks is even could take place at the future if further negligent made. Even our president admitted corruption in security sectors. So what we need to do at this stage. Should we turn blind eye, or reforms should be brought. President Ghani assured to bring reforms, but time would decide whether our president turns his words into action, or it was just a mere promise. Security situation across the country needs improvement, otherwise, the enemies of Afghanistan would never become fed up from shedding bloods of innocent Afghans. Without doubt, militants with support by some regional countries would continue killing Afghans, but it is the duty of government to thwart their evil designs by improving security situation. It is preventable. The Afghan masses had and have been with their brave security forces, and always ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with their real heroes (security forces). Afghans never doubted over capability of true son of this soil (Afghan forces), in eliminating Taliban and other militant outfits from the country. Moreover, the militant outfits have lost influence to battle face to face against security forces. So that’s why insurgents are engaged in carrying coward attacks targeting civilians in public places. But now when it cleared that insurgent with cover and overt supports of some regional countries are hell-bent on destroying our country—what method we need to take at hand in order to be a slap in the face of enemies. Surely, that is unity. Having unity among Afghans in all point and in every tough situation is only significant element that makes us stronger against any sort of conspiracies. Once again, the current situation is very sensitive, and the Afghan masses should think twice before going forward toward any conclusion. The Kabul protestors should put in place their demands very peacefully, and the government has to lesson to their demand, aimed at ending Kabul demonstration.

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