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Editorial: Beyond imagination

The ongoing conflict in Afghanistan is like a grey picture projecting the failure and success of all the engaged parties where there is no winner till now. All and sundry is trying to appear as a rational actor, and making efforts to drive the situation in their interests—no matter even at cost of civilian lives. These groups would not hesitate an inch to kill even women, children, elders and almost all to reach their destiny. For sure they carry this blindly just to follow their masters’ order, though if it is even against human and Islamic teachings. All form of militants, especially the Taliban insurgents fully in the race and playing key role in the game where civilians are mostly the target. Since the emergence of the Taliban, the terrorist group have never backed reality, but even blamed Afghan security forces for their crimes of killing civilians. Without doubt, the Afghan security forces are true representatives of the Holy Islam, while the Taliban and other militant outfits are pretending to be the adherent of Islam. It is not exaggeration, the security forces have rendered huge scarifies to protect civilians, but the Taliban insurgents used them as war shelters in a bid to hide themselves from their iron hands.

On Saturday, eight civilians, including four children, were killed after their vehicle hit with a landmine planted by the Taliban insurgents in Bala Buluk district of Farah province. Inhuman act but frequent. On the other hand, the Afghan security forces have been always received bullets on their chest just to safeguard civilians—the difference is beyond imagination. The brave Afghan security forces at numerous occasions have tried level best to prevent civilian casualties, and at some stage they halted operation for that purpose. Now, the judgment is upon you. Think at least once that who is representing Islam at real scene—one who gives lives to protect civilians—or one who use civilians as their shelter of survival.

Not to ignore that regional players are also involved in the killing of civilians. After series of attacks in Pakistan, the country handed over a list of 76 terrorist based stationed in Afghanistan. In reaction to their irrational accusation in way of tit-for-tat response, the Afghan government handed over a list of 85 terrorists operating from Pakistani soil. It is not the end of the story as Afghan ambassador to Pakistan summoned, accusing Afghanistan for the current attacks. However, Pakistan ambassador to Kabul was also summoned aimed at lodging complaints against the country. The blame game is still at large between the two neighbors—and the victims are civilians only. To crush this menace, a joint Afghan-Pak effort is required, but Pakistan has always given cold shoulder in the matter. For having peaceful regional countries, the Pakistan has to shutdown sanctuaries and the breeding nurseries of militants in its soil. If Pakistan stops support and harboring, the militants would not last a week, and the miseries of commoners would be halted.

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