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Editorial: Our brave security forces

There is no leaf of doubt that our brave Afghan security forces are strongest protectors of our motherland—rendering huge sacrifices for the sake of peace, security, stability and prosperity. Their tireless efforts are commendable and we are truly indebted to them. The fearless Afghan security forces are our heroes that already proved bitter taste to the various terrorist outfits. It is pretty clear that our champion (security forces) making all out efforts to prevent any sorts of terrorist activities across the country. It is worth to mention that our security forces battling insurgency on behalf of entire world. They are in battleground for stability not only in Afghanistan but for the region and beyond—knowing the fact that terrorism is threat to the region and the globe. Both, men and women in uniform are our pride. The Afghan women in uniform firmly stood against the sworn enemies and continued fighting the evil force alongside their male collages. They always defended their motherland with bravery. Totally deserving to call them heroes and lions—it’s not type-wall statement as they proved it practically, especially after chasing fighters loyal to the various terrorist groups in every mountain and valley of the country. The next generations would have peaceful and prosperous life due to sacrifices and struggle of security forces and the history would be written with your (Afghan security forces) sacrifices. It would also be written that brave security forces were engaged in imposed wars with inclusion of proxy wars. Nevertheless, security forces beefed up security across the country to celebrate the New Year (Nawroz). The brave security forces manned every street to make sure there was no untoward incident. But the most disaster incident happened in Kabul, in which a large number of our Kabul citizens were martyred and wounded. The enemy of Afghans, once again unmasked their evil face and targeted a civilian-populated area, where people gathered to peacefully celebrate Nawroz, the beginning of the New Year. We lost our 32 citizens, including women, and children and such act of wickedness is totally unjustifiable to any law around the world. This is truly horror—but there is hope that all Afghans soon will be able to live in peace, without fear of indiscriminate attacks by terrorists who have no respect for human life. In the past we have witnessed much more bloody incidents, but one thing is for must that we, the Afghan masses have fully trust in the strong wings of our brave security forces as they shattered to the ground plenty of terrorist activities of the militants. Long Live to the Afghan men and women in uniform.

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