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Editorial: Civilians are victims to foes and friends’ attacks

The innocent civilians have continuously become the victims of attacks that are carried out by both friendly and enemy forces for nearly two decades.

When the Taliban, Haqqani terrorist network, Daesh or al-Qaeda groups kill people, everyone particularly government’s high profile officials say that they are enemies of the people and country who try to destabilize the situation and show a negative image of Afghanistan to the Afghans and to the international community. Then the President and his aides “strongly” condemn and vow apparently to “take revenge” and that the attackers would regret and would pay a high price, etc…

This is a bitter fact that the civilians have been paying price of the long and unending war, but what is pathetic for the people is that they come under attacks that are carried out by the pro government forces. Thousands of civilians among them women and children have been killed, wounded or displaced due to the government forces’ attacks carried out in the rural areas in search of the militants.

President Ghani acknowledged in an interview with a Western broadcaster that more than 40,000 people have been killed since 2015 across the country. It is clear that most of these people are civilians with women and children among them.

According to reports, 18,000 families have fled their houses and displaced to other areas due to the intensifying war in the past one month.

In the latest incident, nearly 20 civilians including women and children were killed when an airstrike targeted a residential area in Nimroz, a southwestern province that borders Iran and Pakistan.

People are in a strange state as they do not know who their enemy is and who is friend, who kills them and who protects them since both foe and friend forces target them either intentionally or mistakenly.

The government particularly defense and security organs need to clarify their policies if they are really serving for people’s protection and put an end to the ongoing uncertainty so that civilians stop worrying about their lives at least from one side.   

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