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Editorial: Crucial time

Afghanistan is in a crucial moment as peace delegations from both sides are scrambling to iron out differences in terms of strategy, perspective and approach. They are yet to clear disparity on the agendas to kick-start intra-Afghan talks. We have suffered the most from over 40 decades of war, and many lessons were learned and never ever willing to grip with this dreaded conflict forever. This has to be ended, better today. The Afghans deserve to live in peace, and harmony. The new US administration, under Joe Biden, the newly US-elect president, has begun assessing the prospect for progress on peace talks. New national security team has formed, in which despite other issues, they will definitely review the Afghanistan situation. Surely they will pursue the US-Taliban deal in Doha. It could be a flaw deal, but will not let it go in vain. Since Taliban has now internationally recognized, and the international donors have openly called on both sides (Afghan government and Taliban) to come to a conclusion, making condition-based their aids, utterly link to the progress in the peace talks. Without ifs and buts, both parties have to think of the seriousness of the issue. What happens if these donors stop or cut the aids? Neither the Afghan government nor the Taliban could be able to run national affairs sans these aids. Use of intellectual will work, not selfish egos or selfish stupidity at this crucial time. Peace spoilers within the government and Taliban group, must assimilate the fact that the foreign aids are vital and necessary. Secondly, supporters of Taliban, which are not less now, will skillfully play a role not to let the peace process drop from the attention of the new US-President. They see their interests in it and will not let it go so simply. Nevertheless, Doha-based Taliban negotiators must also prove they are still connected by the Taliban field commander and military leaders. Many doubts, they are disconnected as a result they restrain from long-term commitment to significantly reduce violence or maintain a ceasefire. The negotiators know it could bring an irreparable fragmentation of the Taliban group. Taking into account the instant fragility scenery Afghanistan at a tipping point, both sides will be declared winner in the peace. However, with US troop withdrawal, the possibility of another civil war is growing further, potentially creating further distortions, in which all sides will be losers.

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