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Editorial:  Despite big footprint, peace yet to come

When it comes to the war in Afghanistan, and the issues of financial support of the militant outfits, Afghanistan and her allies have been putting every available effort to eliminate militants and stop its financial resources. We’ve tried everything, but yet to achieve durable peace and stability in the country, rather insecurity has been escalated with more attacks by the insurgents. US administration tried big footprint. Former US President Barack Obama ran for the presidency calling Afghanistan “a war that we have to win”. After he came to office, he ordered a surge that brought force levels to 100,000, along with tens of thousands of NATO troops. But despite this huge footprint, peace and stability still remained a distant dream. The Afghan masse was pinned high hope that Obama administration would put a logical end to the prolong war. But all these hopes dashed to the ground. We are not turning blind eye that Taliban insurgents were pushed out of many of their strongholds, which were brought under government control. Afghan and foreign forces have killed and wounded a large number of insurgents in the fight against global terrorism. Anyway, the new US administration under Donald Trump presidency, again vowed to kill the terrorist. The new US strategy is clearly said that US no longer engaged in nation-building or democracy, but only to kill terrorists. New strategy also focused about Taliban’s safe havens in Pakistan soil. “Our new strategy is to change the approach in how to deal with Pakistan. We can no longer be silent about Pakistan’s safe-havens for terrorist organizations, the Taliban and other groups that pose a threat to the region and beyond,” Trump said. It is apparent that Pakistan is behind failure of US mission in Afghanistan. Sans demolish of terrorists hideouts in Pakistan, it is very hard to even predict that peace someday would come to Afghanistan. Afghan and foreign forces kills terrorists, but Pakistan product them and send them to the battlefield against the Afghan and foreign forces. We destroy their (militants) hideouts, but Pakistan provides them shelters. We cut their financial resources, but Pakistan collects money through charity. We fight militants, Pakistan hide them from the iron hand of the Afghan forces. We, the Afghans have been rendering huge sacrifices in the war on terror. These sacrifices should not be ignored at any circumstance. Soon after new US strategy, Gen. John Nicholson, commander of US forces and NATO in Afghanistan, in an interview with TOLONews, said the US knows the Afghan Taliban leadership is in the Quetta and Peshawar areas. “Support for terrorists and insurgents has to be reduced, has to be stopped,” Nicholson said. “I am primarily focused on activities inside Afghanistan, but other officials are looking into the issue of sanctuaries in Pakistan.” However, the main question is that US is repeating what Afghan officials have been chanting for longtime. The Afghan security agencies always said that Pakistan has been harboring and supporting militants. Pakistan is the mother of terrorist outfits. US don’t need to show us militant hideouts, because we already know. What we need is practical efforts to blow up these hideouts. Can’t fight insurgency with statements only—a comprehensive military operations to destroy Taliban’s hideouts in Pakistan is the need of the hour. We want Trump to translate his words into action by targeting insurgent hideouts in Pakistan by air and ground.

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