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Editorial: Farah’s unrest recedes

What was the point behind the Taliban’s massively attack on Farah, the western province that has been pushed back by the brave Afghan security forces? Was it about to capture the district as usual they are attempting to, or other evil hands of some foreign countries were involved behind the turbulence. The Taliban insurgents attacked city of Farah last week and succeeded to control part of the city for few hours, but after hours of the insurgents’ outrage, Afghan forces along with coalition forces started operation and pushed Taliban back from the city. In the wake of a week-long painstaking military drill, the Afghan forces have killed over 300 Taliban insurgents, while more than other 300 were wounded. The teeth-breaking response to the Taliban insurgents have showed the iron hand of the brave and patriotic Afghan security forces that fighting against evil forces with sole intention of maintaining peace to their countrymen across the country. However, the residents have resumed their daily life after days of unrest and fierce fighting—and residents continuing their routine business way of any concern. No chance for them (Taliban insurgents) to once again conduct attack against Farah city as several security belts have already been established. We, the Afghan masses are truly confident on the strong wings of our security forces and strongly believe in their aptitude to thwart any sort of threats whether posed by Taliban, or Daesh extremist groups, or from their foreign backers, especially some neighboring countries. To address security grievances and batter the militants, recently high-ranking security brass along with Gen. John W. Nicholson, Commander of the Resolute Support Mission went to Farah, in which Minister of Defense, Tariq Shah Bahrami, said that war in Afghanistan has different dimensions. “More than twenty terrorist groups are steering the fight in the region, and some of them are supported by both neighboring states,” he reckoned, warning that war in Farah is a deliberate war on Afghanistan waters. In real scenes, animosity had begun ever since the Salma Dam was built in Herat and work on Bakhshabad Dan started. It is the legal right of our peoples to manage and utilize their water resources, he said, addressing neighboring states that seek out to sabotage the country’s grand infrastructural plans. The real reason behind Farah unrest has been revealed and this is because of our neighboring Iran wants our waters. One of Afghanistan’s untapped resources is water, and our current dam projects have peeved our neighbor Iran, and now Tehran has been turning all available stones to sabotage these projects. But we, the Afghans, will win this war as we are on the right side of the path.


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