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Editorial: Floundering endeavors

The National Unity Government (NUG) has failed miserably to resolve the outstanding challenges. The nation has lost trust over the unity government. The government, caught in severe legal and political crisis, has no policy that could create stability, bring peace back to the country, and improve security. Absence of the policies to create good governance has made a dire situation even worse.  Since its establishment, the NUG has achieved nothing but disaster in every foray it has undertaken. The ongoing rift between the two leaders and legitimacy question surrounding the government is pushing the country towards chaos. Silence of the government over electoral reforms and convening of Loya Jirga has proved no less disastrous.

On the law and order situation, the NUG leaders promised to provide effective security across Afghanistan in order to eliminate insurgents and protect public properties and lives. On the security front, the unity government failed utterly. The nation is now witnessing the catastrophic results of its floundering efforts. Fall of Helmand’s Garmsir district to the Taliban points to worsening security situation and an uncertain future if the government continued to function like this. Recent attacks of the Taliban indicate that the insurgents are winning in Helmand. Policymakers in the corridors of power failed to thwart the Taliban’s demented mission of bloodshed and destruction. Most of Helmand province is under control of the insurgent group. Security officials are not providing precise casualty figures. Perhaps, they have no way to confirm it. Fighting in different parts of the province is still underway.

With a shaky government as we have, the people should be concerned about the future. No one knows that what the future might hold. The leaders have made scores of promises but translated none into action. The unity government mutated the truth about the ground situation to such an extent that now the truth has become unrecognizable. The NUG is not looking at the bigger picture that’s why it failed to fulfill the promises regarding electoral reforms, Loya Jirga, parliamentary elections, and unemployment. Corruption is still rampant. There is no body to detect corruption and graft. There has been no inquires into the financial shenanigans to restore public trust over the government.

Since it is clear that the NUG has been a burden on the nation, the leaders themselves should dissolve the government. It will not push the country into crisis because we have precedents. The leaders shall not infuse false fears into minds of the people.

When the Taliban’s regime was overthrown, an interim government was established which not only drafted and approved the constitution but also prepared ground for the presidential elections. Therefore, an interim government should be established to address the major challenges. Now, the situation from legal point of view is far better than 2001 and 2002 because we have the constitution and necessary technical framework.

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