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Editorial; Gradually recovering 

Indisputably, it is not one night affair to turn Afghanistan into a stable state after four decades of war and devastation. It is not easy task, we have long road to recovery. But there is hope and have to put all efforts on card to rebuild our country. Yet, failure is not an option and at the meanwhile it is time to ask searing questions. But before that what our government is doing is truly appreciable, especially paving more ground for young and educated Afghans, noting the fact that they (youths) are the pillar and future of this war-hit country, and be capable of steering the country towards peace, stability and prosperity. But, at the same time brain drain still remains a challenge, and tragedy, despite unemployment and poverty. Lack of access to education is another headache to be tackled and surely insecurity is the biggest defy. Nevertheless, efforts are clearly visible to end this indecision at domestic and foreign level, leaving us optimistic about better future at home. Addressing the seventh Herat of Asia Conference (HoAIPBBaku2017) in Azerbaijan, President Ashraf Ghani stressed the need for regional connectivity and cooperation in trade and transit as well as in the fight against terrorism and ensuring stability in Afghanistan and in the region. Once regional consensus put up, there would be peace and prosperity in the region. It also plays key role in improving economy situation for all. Moreover, Chief Executive, Abdullah Abdullah, while addressing the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) meeting in Russia, called on the member states of the organization to use their leverage in bringing militant groups in Afghanistan to the Afghan-led negotiations table. These are the efforts that underway to change the landscape of Afghanistan from a war ground to economy and connectivity square. Of course we want our motherland to be a center for cooperation, not confrontation among regional and international players, and rivals. But question is that why security situation is getting worse day by day. It is a fact that our brave Afghan security forces have been chasing more than 20 international terrorist outfits that have been supporting by our neighboring countries, especially by Pakistan—the hostile neighbor and long-time perpetrator of cross-point terrorism. It is tough to overcome insecurity, but at least we can reduce it to some level. Economy situation is also fragile. Political clashes are here as well. Trust deficit is higher than anytime among several influential figures of our country, which created a sort of tension for ordinary Afghan masses. We are not sure what will be our future when there is clash between big wings. There is a dire need to promote policies which facilitate non-segregated access to everyone. Indeed the NUG is making efforts to tackle every sort of barriers in the way of justice and equality, and provide facilities to all Afghans regardless of any discrimination. But however, the smell of ethnic tension is feeling here. Though it is very rare, but can be enlarging if not take care of it. NUG leaders, President Ashraf Ghani, and CEO, Abdullah Abdullah, and the National Security Adviser, Mohammad Haneef Atmar have the capability to brush aside all these uncertainties, and the mentioned leadership will embrace support of the Afghan masses in their favor all the time. Time is ripe for the NUG to meet Afghan elders across the country, comprising political figures, tribal elders and civil society to hear their concerns in a friendly, and accommodative manner, and resolve it at first place to defuse, and defeat all sorts of foreign conspiracies with the weapon of national unity, and solidarity. We want unity in diversity at most. Political rifts, status-quo, and anarchy have to be ended as it benefits our enemies only. Hope the government leadership, opposition, civil society and media outlets would play their fundamental, and national role, based on reality and patriotism by realizing their individual, and collective responsibilities to overcome challenges, and serve the war-hit country in the most honest manner.

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