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Editorial: Let’s celebrate Ramadan free of violence

Muslims across the world are going to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan in less than two weeks. Actually, Muslims in the countries are preparing for better prayers and fasting than previous years and they are not worried about anything else, while in Afghanistan security is the first thing people are thinking. The thought about security is with them even during prayers and other religious affairs since this nation has been suffering from violence and bloodshed for more than four decades.

Killing of people mostly civilians in targeted attacks has unprecedentedly increased since late 2020. According to reports, more than 300 people were killed in March alone in different areas of the country.

As people are hoping for the results of an upcoming conference about peace which is planned to be held this month in Turkey and will probably coincide with the holy month of Ramadan.

The two sides of war who each claim to want peace should realize that this would be the best opportunity to agree on a cease fire during the fasting month so that the helpless people live in peace at least in the month of prayers and have be free of thinking about security.

Taliban who are accused to be behind the targeted killings have the chance to prove that they are not killing people by accepting the cease fire, because it is not clear that who has hands in the terrors particularly the magnetic bombs and shootings of people in public, but the government accuses only the Taliban of these attacks.

The government also needs to take measures to provide the situation calm and satisfactory for the people by ensuring security, controlling the prices especially the foodstuff and other essentials of Ramadan and preventing the opportunist businessmen and shopkeepers from hoarding their stuff and overselling them when the fasting people severely need them.

Afghans experienced many months of Ramadan with bloody incidents in the past. The bodies of security forces, government employees and other civilians were received by their fasting families in the past years.

The Turkey conference is asked to pressure Taliban and their supporting states to agree with the desire of the people of Afghanistan which is a long cease fire that could lead to a lasting and dignified peace.

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