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Editorial: Moscow moot concluded

The reunioning of leading Afghan citizens at Moscow has strengthened the hopes of those countrymen who have paid great prices for the sovereignty and solidarity of their motherland in the last four decades. Appearing with one voice on concluding of the first day and first ever direct talks with each others could be considered a very huge and valuable achievement in history of Afghanistan. This reunioning of war disintegrated become a chance for the Russian President and people of making an attempt to compensate the Afghans who suffered a lot due to former USSR December 1979 invasion. Now it seem a major breakthrough when the US and Russian Federation are jointly making similar efforts for return of peace and tranquility in Afghanistan. Former President Hamid Karzai, Taliban Movement leader Muhammad Abbass Stankakzai, Mohammad Younas Qanooni, Ismael Khan, Ata Muhammad Noor, Ustad Mohiqiq like leaders have jointly addressed media, whereas all of them with one voice reaffirmed their stance and faith in intra-Afghan dialogues. In first ever intra-Afghan dialogues, there was no any direct talks between Afghan government headed by President Ashraf Ghani and Taliban Movement leaders but Karzai in response to a question said that it could be made possible in coming days. Whereas Abbas Stanakzai has also assured of going ahead with the developments made in Moscow. Taliban leaders insisted on withdrawal of foreign troops adding that overall majority of Afghans are Muslims. All these leaders have demonstrated unprecedented unity, understanding and coordination which might be fruitful for the future of war stricken Afghanistan. The achievements of US Special envoy Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad in recent months is now yielding results. However, at this stage when the Afghans are going to embark on a new journey-the journey of peace and unity, its leaders needs to remain alert and careful. Certain circles, in various corners of the world, especially in neighboring are unhappy with end to turmoil in Afghanistan. It is a matter of joy for peace loving people from all over the world when Taliban leaders agreed for joining the negotiation process which is in according to rich traditions. Now it is the time for realization importance’s of Jirga’s. Former President Hamid Karzai along with scores of Afghan leaders, intellectuals and others have pleaded ideas for convening of the traditional Loya Jirga. There exist some anomalies in the constitution which could be addressed timely. There is also need for reforms and advancement in the political, executive, social and economic sectors of Afghanistan. Due to one or the other reasons, countrymen didn’t trust the state organs, which could be considered a serious threat after terror. The Afghans needs an atmosphere where state could address their genuine needs and the countrymen should go for fulfilling of their responsibilities as responsible citizens.

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