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Editorial: Pakhtoon politicians resent Imran

Not only Afghanistan leaders but even Pakhtoon leaders have also resented Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan for his latest remarks and termed it an attempt of derailing the US brokered peace efforts. In the wake of criticism and reservations from all over the world, Pakistani authorities are making attempts to clarify the statement of Premier Imran which they claim is made fabricated by a section of press. Premier Imran in an interview had claimed establishment of an interim set up in Afghanistan for what he called, suitable for induction of Taliban in the political process. But in reaction, premier Imran has earned nothing else, “criticism and objections” from all over the world. Two leading Pakhtoon politicians Asfandyar Wali Khan of Awami National Party and Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao of Quami Watan Party have shown sever resentment over Imran Khan statement. Asfandyar Wali has termed it “irresponsible remarks,” and an attempt to interfere in internal affairs of Afghanistan. Similarly, Aftab Khan Sherpao said that such type of irresponsible remarks are further damaging image of Pakistan and affecting relations between the two neighbouring countries. Both the Pakhtoon leaders have made it clear that Afghanistan is a sovereign, independent and autonomous member of the international community and its people having the right to fix their destiny and resolve their internal problems and issues in according to own traditions. It is not first or last statements on the part of Pakhtoon politicians who considering Afghanistan as their motherland and have always made attempts for strengthening relations between the two neighbouring countries. At the moment, relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan is at verge of collapse, which might be very harmful to the very interests of millions of people, living on both sides of controversial Durand Line. Both the neighbouring countries and its people are ahead with similar issues of extremism, terrorism, unemployment, poverty, backwardness and illiteracy. By entering into trust-worthy relations with each other on the basis of equality, rulers from both sides could easily handle all such issues. In the wake of latest strategic-economic developments, Afghanistan is no more land-locked or depending country as its leadership has explored new trade routes through Iran, India, Turkey and Central Asian Republics with rest of the country, including China. Afghanistan since a long giving top priority to its relations with Pakistan but the response is always remaining dubious. Now it is the time for Pakistan to re-visit its own acts and actions which is based on creation of foes instead of making friends.

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