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Editorial: In quest for peace

All efforts are on cards by clerics to induce Taliban to join the peace process and recognize the democratically-elected Afghan government. Since 2001, around 40,000 people have died in a conflict where no end is seen in sight. Its decades now the Taliban insurgents are fighting on religious perspective, but killing human and Muslims strictly prohibited in Islam and this is what International Ulema Conference emphasized on. Imam of Masjid al-Haram Saleh bin Abdullah bin Humaid has called the conflict in Afghanistan “Fitna’ (evil), saying faith and peace are interconnected and must for a faithful. 35 Afghan clerics and 65 scholars from other countries attended International Conference on Muslim Scholars on Peace and Stability in Afghanistan in Saudi Arabia, expect for Iran and Pakistan. Their absences heighten loatheness of our two neighbors toward ending war. Their skips on key conference on Afghanistan produce skeptical to several issues, including their uppermost relations with Taliban group causing their nonappearance. Their relations was known to all, but with nonattendance become crystal fact.

Conceivably, there would be peace one day with or without Pakistan and Iran’s support. Defiantly peace efforts will yield fruits. The role of 110 religious scholars on peace in Afghanistan would surely open new chapter that might be go ahead into recession of Taliban’s evil designs and possibly a downturn, or a ceasefire in their operations as it was during Eid days. Three days ceasefire, in the face of unilateral, has caused to remain optimistic over peace and stability to be maintained. Government extend ceasefire with reciprocate expectation that dashed to the ground after Taliban insurgents resumed operations. But it left a major manifestation of willingness to reintegrate into civil society in the future.

In the meantime, the grey outlook over all time rejection of Taliban insurgents to any peace offers, including the recent one in Saudi Arabia, has painted unpredictable image in which knowing what Taliban wants is quite difficult. First the group insisted of direct talks with US in a bid to reach a peaceful conclusion. But immediately hitting out at the International Conference of religious scholars, saying their fighting is legal that has been started since occupation of US forces. So if it’s an act of invade, why the Taliban militants wanted to have talks with occupiers directly, leaving the central government at helm. With this, the Taliban members are, in fact, using religion to reach their political goals with no care to civilian’s life. It won’t be wrong to say they are (Taliban) are just infiltrators for external hands.

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