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Ghani has no interest in Dostum’s return

AT-KABUL: Hopes on first vice president Abdul Rashid Dostum’s returning home have increased following the second vice president Sarwar Danesh’s meeting with Dostum in Turkey.

But the office of the first vice president said Wednesday that Danesh had no official message from President Ashraf Ghani to his first deputy.

Enayatollah Babor Farahmand, head of Dostum’s office said that the president in his recent phone call with Dostum did not hint to his return.

“His Excellency Danesh had a friendly meeting with the first vice president, but did not give him any official message from the president. We do not believe that Mr. Ghani is interested in return of his first vice president and do not know the reason either,” said Farahmand.

Danesh who was in Turkey to attend Erdogan’s swearing in ceremony, met Dostum on Monday in Ankara and said that his presence was in the country was necessary.

Danesh said that Dostum’s presence would important in strengthening of national understanding, progress in the peace process, election and national unity.

Prior to that, political leaders Mohammad Mohaqqeq, Atta Noor and BaborFarahmand had said that nobody including the president had the right to exile anybody according to the constitution. They called Dostum’s continuing stay in abroad questionable.

In an open letter to the heads of NATO member countries, Mohaqqeq, Dostum and Atta had claimed that Ghani was trying to impose the dominance of a certain ethnic group on others. They had said that the president was making effort to pave the ground for the presence of terrorist groups in the country under the pretext of the peace process.

Dostum is living in exile in Turkey for about two years.

Ahmad WaliMassoud, a political analyst said that Ghani wants to bring Dostum back to the country to turn down the uprising of people in the northern provinces who are Dostum’s supporters.

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