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Editorial: Reshuffling at Doha

The opposition Taliban Movement leaders have made wide range reshuffling in its set-up at Doha Qatar replacing Maulvi Muhammad Abbass Stanakzai by Mulla Abdul Ghani Biradar as chief of Political office. The reshuffling made at the time of fifth round of peace talks between Taliban political office and United States special representative Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad. Whatever might be reasons and objectives of these reshuffling as it could be treated as an internal matter of Taliban Tehrik but the war affected Afghans are expecting it for their better future which is depending in peace, stability and end to every sort of internal rifts and hostilities. All these Taliban leaders and members who think they are Afghans and belong to Afghanistan have to realize their responsibilities at this crucial stage. Mullah Ghani Biradar is not only co-founder of Taliban Tehrik and had served the Tehrik in very important capacities. Belong to a well respectable Afghan tribe, Abdul Ghani Biradar in recent past suffered a lot when he was arrested and imprisoned by host government at Karachi for undone sin. His release made in according to US special representative request to Pakistani authorities. And now it is believed that Maulvi Abdul Ghani Biradar would go for some positive steps. In the first phase he likely to focus his attentions on making assemble and united the Taliban Tehrik and later would go for building up a consensus on its future strategies. No one can deny the fact that in mid 90’s when Afghanistan was ahead with worst kind of anarchy the Taliban Tehrik came into being with slogans like going 1) to end Gun culture (Tokak Mari and Patak Salari), 2) to help in establishing a centralized authority in Afghanistan through Loya Jirga and 3) restoring sovereign status of Afghanistan in its historical perspectives. Similar is situation exists just now when violent acts and unrest amongst countrymen touching its peak. At this stage Afghanistan is in dire need of reconciliation. If Maulvi Abdul Ghani Biradar calls himself an Afghan must come forward like other true and patriotic Afghans, to make a role in the reconciliation. As a co-founder of Taliban Tehrik and bearing a long imprisonment for undone sin in Pakistan prisons, Maulvi Abdul Ghani Biradar might be much more aware about nefarious designs of so-called stakeholders who are battling for own nefarious strategic and economic interests on the soil of Afghanistan. All these so-called stakeholders wants peace for their own countries and its people but jubilating games of guns, bullets and explosive on the soil of already war stricken Afghanistan. The Afghans who suffered a lot and become fed up with war and hostilities now expecting a lot from Maulvi Abdul Ghani Biradar. Ghani Biradar like of Latif Mehsud arrested while they making attempts of extinguishing the fire on both sides of Durand Line somewhere in 2012.

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