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Editorial: Something is going wrong

At least 94 Islamic State (IS) fighters, which is also known as Daesh terrorists were killed when US forces dropped the most powerful non-nuclear bomb on their hideouts and caves on Achin district in eastern Nangarhar province. But, IS media wing, Aamaq News Agency, said none of the terror group’s fighters were killed or injured. However, officially 94 Daesh militants were killed, and the Afghan masses are very happy over their killings. Daesh is a violent group that must be eliminated. There is no room in Afghanistan for Daesh militants, because the group carry’s ideology of destruction. But at the same time there is a big question that despite the use of ‘mother of all bombs’ why Daesh militants are still at large there and still in business of doing propaganda. Daesh radio on air despite MOAB collapsed on their heads. Residents in eastern Nangarhar province said that Daesh radio has continued to broadcast its propaganda in the province and that every evening the radio station airs anti-government program and talking about recent drop of MOAB. According to residents, Daesh radio program are “horrible and disgusting”. Without doubt, if the radio broadcasting not halted, it would defiantly lay down negative consequences among residents. Though, security forces said that Daesh radio station destroyed, but still it continues broadcasting, especially after the use of MOAB, which is very concern if see it in open eyes. US termed the bombing as a successful one against Daesh terrorists. But Daesh militants claimed of no causality. At other side, seven days have been passed form the droop of ‘mother of all bombs’ on the district, but still the blast site is under lockdown by US forces—barring access to all including Afghan security forces. Blast site “off-limits” to everyone, expect to US forces, even to the government forces that supported the bombing.  This is indicating that something is going wrong. Thought the government said that the bombing carried out with coordination with them, but why officials from three security agency—interior, defense, and National Directorate of Security are not going to visit the site of bombing, and tell the Afghans about its result. The Afghan masses are supporting every effort in fight against Daesh, but that doesn’t mean that Afghan soil should be turned into ground for testing weapons of such mass destruction with having 11 tons of explosives. It is too much. Think twice you would realize that this was an attack against sovereignty of Afghanistan. Several Afghan patriots stood against this immense atrocity, and asked the US to stop testing weapons in this land. Moreover, a large number of protestors in the capital Washington denounced the use of the largest non-nuclear bombing in Afghanistan and other US military interventions around the world. Several Afghan Americans delivered short speeches during the rally to warn that US forces are destroying Afghanistan and “dehumanizing” its people. This is called true love for the country, despite living very far from—they took out to the streets under the very nose of US administration to give vent to their anger over bombing. It is a must to stand together when it comes to the matter of national interest.

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