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‘MOAB an act of barbarism’

AT-KABUL: Abdul Karim Khoram, former President Hamid Karzai’s Chief of Staff has termed the drop of ‘mother of all bombs’ MOAB against Islamic State fighters, which is also known as Daesh terrorist, in Achin district of eastern Nangarhar province, as a barbaric act conducted by US, persuading various goals. Talking to the Waisa Daily, he said “actually it was a test of dangerous weapon on the Afghan soil. Dropping of MOAB on Afghan soil was also meant to convey a threatening message to the North Korea and also to sabotage Moscow-led peace conference on Afghanistan.”

Pointing out toward harsh reaction by the Afghan people, especially, the stand of former President Hamid Karzai over the US bomb, he said, “prior to this barbaric act, terrorist attack on military hospital in Kabul was launched, followed by some US-pad people propagated pictures of victim on social media, just to level the ground for the US to test the weapon without any concern.”

He claimed that US backed Daesh could launch another terrorist attack against innocent people in Kabul or other parts of the country to counter and influence the ongoing reaction among the Afghan people over the MOAB.

Moreover, regarding the removal of Ahmad Zia Masood from his post as special envoy to the President Ashraf Ghani, he said, “this would give birth to political crisis.” He also termed this act as a tactic of dirty game carried out by the government to overcome the widely reaction against MOAB.

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