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‘No compromise on sovereignty, territorial integrity’

AT-KABUL: A large number of Kandahar youth in a gathering have harshly reacted to the US biggest bomb, dropped against Islamic State (IS) terrorists, which is also known as Daesh militants, in Achin district of eastern Nangarhar province, calling on government to protect national sovereignty and lives and properties of innocent people.

Kandahar’s youth in a statement on Wednesday, said that Afghanistan for the last forty years had been changed into battlefield ground for international and regional powers, in which the Afghan people have been suffering the worst.

“The youth of Kandahar has decided not to allow any country to use Afghan soil for their interests,” the statement added.

They furthered, US or any other country have no right and legitimacy to use Afghan soil for testing their weapons. “We would not give right, and free hand to anyone to use Afghan soil against their rivals.”

Moreover, they said “we want peace on our motherland. Youth of Kandahar would never hesitate to offer sacrifices for peace and stability in the country.”

“However, interference of the foreigners in peace process and their white and black lists would not be tolerated anymore,” the statement added.

Insisting on peace and national harmony, they called on the National Unity Government to overcome the ongoing proxy war in the country, despite legitimizing it for the interests of a country which is a clear violation to the Afghan pride and sovereignty.

They also pointed out that any approval and call for testing dangerous weapons in any parts of the country could be termed as treason of the national unity government and such coward acts would lead towards a new battle between the big powers on Afghan soil.

They furthered, the criminal silence of US over the rocket shelling of Pakistan into Afghan territory is dishonestly and non-commitment to Afghans.”

They added “if the National Unity Government could not stop the weapons testing exercises of the US, and as well the ongoing proxy war across the country, then the government should cancel the security and strategic agreement with United States.”

Furthermore, they called on the government not to approve and legitimize the coward acts of US by providing the cover of security agreement. “If the government continues it, then they would term it as an act of treason against the Afghan land and people.”

“It is the responsibility of the government to force US and its allies not to pump proxy war on Afghan soil,” they said, adding that the US presence in Afghanistan must not be a threat for the regional countries.

“Testing of big weapons on Afghan soil, killing of innocent people is an aggression of the US and its allies which leads to a massive reaction of the Afghan people,” the Kandahar’s youth said.

At the end, they emphasized on the national unity government to make sure to preserve the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country.

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