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Editorial: Standing On Our Own Feet

With the announcement of all U.S. troops withdrawal by September 11, there are rumors and estimations of a possible civil war to erupt across the country as it has happened once after the Soviet Union troops exited Afghanistan in 1989. Such beliefs and fears further increase the tensions and concerns among the Afghans.  The best for Afghans at the moment is to optimistically and positively work for a stable and peaceful Afghanistan whether it is the Taliban or the government. Setting back and watching the possible threats coming towards the country is not making anything better. The green light here now is that the Afghans have experienced the poisonous stings of civil war back in the 1990s, the new generation is more open ideologically, intellectually and socially today than ever. The Afghans now understand that fighting each other doesn’t bring any good to the country and the people. The new generation is more delighted and is not gullible. We must first ignore the propagandas of possible civil war and deterioration of security conditions in the country and give our people the morale and motivation to live fearlessly in harmony. Looking at the history of Afghanistan, it is realized that the country has gone through a lot of ups and downs in the various eras of history but it always remained strong and solid. The withdrawal of International Forces, mainly active as supportive and trainers to the Afghan security forces, would somehow affect the country, but it is time for us to learn how to stand on our own feet, independently and strongly instead of asking others to give us a push on the shoulder. The Taliban, one of the two conflict parties of the Afghan war, has no reason or excuse to prolong violence that results in killings of hundreds of innocent people anymore. The U.S. remained here for 20 years, and supposes it could remain here for another 20 years but of no use if we still don’t know how to build and make a peaceful country. It is almost ridiculous to ask others to fix our problems while we remain unmoved and don’t pay as much effort as needed. It is our responsibility to heal the wounds of this war-weary country.

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