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Editorial: Support to Afghan Forces

The Taliban have engulfed the centers of Helmand province in south and western Herat province as part of the group’s intensive violence ragging on across the country after the U.S. and alliance countries announced their exit from Afghanistan. The clashes drew the foot of the former jiahaid commander, Ismail Khan on the board- taking arms alongside his followers to defend his homeland land city of western Herat- a former home to scholars and famous ancient places. With the government and Taliban group failed to reach a very breakthrough over ceasefire and halt in violence, the armed conflicts have been intensified nationwide. A severe fighting has been reported in Helmand with the Taliban approach to the capital city of Lashkargah, mounting attacks on the government forces. The high level of violence of the Taliban faced condemnation of international organizations. These organizations have repeatedly urged the conflicting parties to reduce offensives but any tiny cession in fighting is yet to be made. The engagement of former jihadi figures in fighting the Taliban- in one hand gives a positive motivation to the people- as some part of the society still hold trust on the jihadi commanders- that may also support them in fighting against the insurgents. But on the other hand, this issue has grown concerns over a possible trigger of the civil war- as controlling these armed groups would be one of the biggest challenges for Afghanistan and may push the country into further chaos.  In 1990s after the collapse of the government of Dr. Najibullah- when the Mijahideen group engaged into fighting each other over power, the Afghans witnessed severe carnage and trauma. The Afghan government needs to bring these people’s besiegement under a single umbrella and under the command of the chief of army staffs. Although, no effort should be spared for peace and stability, the support to the Afghan security forces must be held on top of the government. The only main component and defender of the country are these security forces who have paid unforgettable sacrifices in support for their country. The Taliban must also understand that this war has no military solution and if the group considers itself a benevolent despot, it should end posing violence and harming people.

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