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Editorial: Terrorist threat

The threat from terrorism would remain high and could worsen over the decades, unless a concrete steps are made by international community. There are several terrorist groups from more countries active in more places than ever before. Extremists will continue to exploit fragile and violence-prone states. This would be in world’s interest to come together under one roof and make a bold step to target terrorist groups and countries supporting them. Its backer is more important. The government of Afghanistan once said that militant outfits can’t last a week sans Pakistani support. This is a fact. World in general, and US in particular understood the fact and that’s why Trump’s administration in its final decision cut $300 million dollars in aid to Pakistan. It was totally wastes money, and US could spend that money in other areas to tame insurgency. In the past several years, Pakistan received money in prospect of fighting terrorism, but ground reality is totally different. Pakistan used that money in empowering militant groups as they are more stronger comparing to past years. Not this only, it also gave them safe haven to build skills. This has already added to instability in the world. Moreover, communications technology allowed extremist to carry their evil attacks, underlining the complexity and unpredictability of the risks people suffer in the world. With the conflicts in some parts of Middle East, and Afghanistan, having energized extremist groups to a level not seen before, these threats will have a generational impact. This is failure of powerful countries that did not pay serious attention on the issue of spreading and growing extremist groups, and their negligence have paved way for militants and gave them time and space to regroup and rebound. There is fear that without continuing counterterrorism pressure, where there are ungoverned space used as sanctuaries, there will be resurgent threats. Moreover, UK Defense Secretary Gavin Villiamsom in Kabul said that IS in Afghanistan has direct links to terrorist groups in the UK. “What we see is a real threat posed by this group to the United Kingdom and we have got to be acting as we are to ensure that we do not see further Manchester-style attacks. In Afghanistan, there is similar attacks by IS terrorist group with casualties to the Afghan civilians and military personnel. Taliban, al-Qaeda, Daesh and other terrorist groups are threatening world, but Afghanistan at most – let’s working jointly and honestly to that end.

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