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Editorial: Thanks to India for timely donation of Covid vaccines

The ministry of public health announced that they had received a large consignment of the Covid-19 vaccines from India. This is the first vaccine of the deadly disease that we receive while unfortunately, the Corona virus is continuing to infect people and take the lives across the country.

As a great contributor to the post-war Afghanistan, India has always been in the frontline of assistance to different reconstruction projects in our country as a very active player.

The vaccine donation is a part of New Delhi’s great contribution to the people of Afghanistan, while the friendly state has already provided tens of thousands of scholarships for Afghan students, built great projects such the Salma hydropower dam and the new parliament building in Kabul. It donated buses to us in the early years of post-Taliban government.

While some other states in our neighboring and the region are involved in destructive activities in Afghanistan and harbor, finance and arm terrorist groups against the government and people of the country, India is trying to back the people of Afghanistan to reconstruct their ruined home and establish a prosperous life free from the fear of terror.

As an old friend to Afghans, the people and government of India have actually proved to be an honest friend. The air corridors between Kabul and New Delhi helps Afghan exports and is a good alternative to the land trade which suffered dozens of problems in Pakistan soil.

Now, sending of 500,000 doses of the Corona virus vaccines to the people of Afghanistan, India is helping Afghans survive. The vaccines are donated to Afghanistan while India is battling the deadly disease and is among the countries with high number of infection.

As the deputy public health minister described, the donated vaccines will be enough for 20 per cent of the people to be immunized. The people of Afghanistan thank to the friendly nation of India for the timely donation of the vaccines for helping them not to lose their loved ones and are sure that the existing ties will further strengthen and expand.

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