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Editorial: The agents of darkness

This is not the first incident of attacking a private facility, offering courses for students in higher education in Kabul. Nearly 100 high school students were killed and injured. Such agents of darkness, better to call it, the devil force, have recurrently conducted this inhumane attack. This is neither the first nor the last time, education amenities in Herat, Kandahar and other provinces were frequently attacked and the school students, especially the girls, were forced to stop from going to education facilities by poisonous threat or torturing their schools. This is not only our Shia Muslim community who are being attacked by these fiend forces. Indeed, they suffered a lot and it’s a matter of deep concern that Daesh terrorist group regularly attempts to create a notion that our Shia community practice of Islam as heretical with an attempt of splitting up among the Afghans. But who are they to judge, and their evil spirit will never succeed to divide the Afghan masses into sectarian division. We are mature enough with a deep understanding of dirty politic games of domestic and foreign demolishers. In fact, we all are suffering, no safe spaces left for anyone anywhere even as universities, schools, education facilities, or the most hallowed places such as mosques, and shrines, which are considered sacred—as centers of knowledge, reason, and learning, are not spared. We are worried of our children who are facing daily risk with no guarantees of returning home from education facilities. The utter wickedness of the enemies is to play a business of fear with the peaceful and education Afghan lovers, to stop their children from going to education centers. But such evils will never fade away the quest of our young boys and girls from pursuing education. Nevertheless, Saturday’s attack on the education center is obviously a horrendous attack, underscoring the burning plan for dismantling this inhumane and un-Islamic group. The Afghan security establishments should have adopt an aggressive approach and run after to the anti-education elements and destroy their hideouts or bases and varnish them and force them to bow down and never ever try to attack our innocent children. It’s worth mentioning that mere condemnation will not help rather raise terrorist’s morale to carry similar deadly attacks—we shouldn’t wait for them to come again and slaughter us. Locate the enemy and kill them. They are the enemies of education and humanity, deserve no mercy.

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