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Editorial: Threats to media

France, Paris based Reporters Sans Frontiers (RSF) called on Afghanistan government to take more steps for the safety of Journalists and other media workers on the eve of Parliamentary elections, scheduled to be held on October 20. The RSF is working for the safety of media workers throughout the world and in particular highlighting responsibilities of law enforcing agencies, media managers and journalist bodies. Not only RSF but other international organs, engaged in safety and protection to lives of media workers time and again declared Afghanistan as a dangerous country for the media workers from last several years. Since January 2018 at least 15 persons including 13 journalists and two other media worker killed in terror and other violent acts in Afghanistan. The RSF has even declared current calendar year as deadliest for media in Afghanistan since collapse of Taliban regime in 2001. Now when Afghanistan is preparing for holding of third parliamentary elections, the RSF fears more danger and even threats to the lives of media. Due to scores of violent attacks, the electorate’s registration is already very disappointing. And the militants calling them from Tehrik Taliban Afghanistan already threatened further attacks against the election process. In this respect, prime responsibility rests with the Afghan Government to ensure proper security measures on the eve of elections. No one can deny the fact that Afghan government through one or the other ways lacking capacity to tackle the serious issue of terror and violent. War affected Afghanistan’s law enforcing and armed forces also lacking resources. On such grounds, global community in general and neighboring countries in particular needs to help in ensuring of peace and tranquility on the eve of parliamentary elections. Ensuring of peace on election days may be a very tough task before President Ashraf Ghani’s government. Media workers in Afghanistan, majority of whom are young, needs to remain very careful on election days. By making them aware and careful these media workers not only could ensure them safe but even they can help others. It is the time for senior journalists, media owners, managers and civil society organization members to realize their responsibilities at this stage. The UN and other international organization need to help the Afghan media workers to get them aware of self-defense or self-protection.

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