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Editorial: UAE talks concludes

Much acclaimed US brokered peace talks in a bid to build up a consensus on a negotiated solution to long standing Afghan conflict concluded at Abu Dhabi, capital of United Arab Emirates. Soon after conclusion of talks, the US Special Envoy Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad flown to Islamabad whereas he made a courtesy call on Pakistan Army Chief Gen. Qamar Javed Bajwa. According to Pakistan media, “Zalmay Khalilzad called on COAS. Regional security and Afg (Afghanistan) peace process discussed. Visiting dignity appreciated Pakistan’s efforts for Afghanistan peace process. COAS reiterated that peace in Afghanistan is important for Pakistan and assured concrete efforts for bringing peace and stability in the region.” Before flying to Islamabad from UAE, Zalmay Khalilzad through a tweet message said, “had productive meetings in UAE with Afghan and international partners to promote intra Afghan dialogue towards ending the conflict in Afghanistan. Grateful to UAE for hosting talks and their commitment to founder’s legacy as year of Zayed ends and years of tolerance begins.” So far no one can say anything about outcomes of shuttle-cock flights of US Special Envoy and his talks with different stakeholders as all sides are very stick to their own terms and conditions. US is desirous for what it called return of peace and ending of hostilities, which is essential for its skin saving. Taliban wants lion’s share in the future set up along with pulling US and allies from the region, which seem much more harmful to regional and neighboring countries. Amidst the UAE talks, the US Congressman Brad Sherman Chairman Emeritus of the Asia Sub Committee of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs was quoted as, “the US does not support any changes to Pakistan’s territorial integrity, and in fact should be pressuring the government in Kabul to recognize the Durand Line.” These remarks on the part of US Congressman spread like jungle fire in all over Afghanistan, thus making further uncertain the already war stricken Afghans who fingering Pakistan for almost of their miseries. No one can deny the fact US always following duel standards in its foreign and diplomatic relations. Instead of building up gape, the US authorities are always fuelling rifts and misunderstandings. No doubt to mention that like of Line Of Control (LOC) between India and Pakistan, the Durand Line is also controversial between Afghanistan and Pakistan. But all sorts of trade and movements is in progress on LOC despite continuous encounter between India and Pakistan forces. Even couple of days a new crossing point at Kartar Pur was inaugurated couple of days back. Situation on western crossing points is different. Pakistan every day is imposing one side acts and restrictions, which resulted in terminating of relations between Pakhtoon families and communities. Instead of touch controversial issues at this crucial stage, US authorities needs to focus all attentions on intra Afghans and Partners dialogues for finding out early, amicable and durable solution to Afghan conflict, otherwise the growing unrest amongst the Afghans throughout the region could be harmful to the very interests of international community.

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