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Efforts ongoing to cut off traitors’ hands from mines

AT News Report-KABUL: Second Vice President Sarwar Danesh during introducing of Narges Nehan as the caretaker for ministry of mines on Saturday, said that National Unity Government has strong willing to deter treacherous hands from mineral mines across the country.

He said that government will struggle to cut hand of national traitors’ hand from minerals through implementing reform policies.

Government will exert utmost efforts to protect natural resources and lead the country toward a balanced development in future, he added.

He stated that reform and changes in mineral mine’s law, implementing of reforms, establishing of skillful system and using of professional methods in hiring and contracts will on top agenda for the ministry.

Pointing to nepotism and corruption, he said that despite presence of hundreds of well-educated youths, people has been employed with 12th degree or with high ages in administrations.

He said that nepotism and corruption is a prejudicial issue for Afghanistan.

Government wheel and public administration must move speedy with full transparency in the country, he insisted.

Afghanistan cannot relay over donation for ever, because dependency to donation will pave the ground of impact of others in big national policies, he noted.

Embarking toward development and self-reliance is the top agenda for National Unity Government, he claimed.

Extractingmineral mines through a transparent process is the only way to reach to self-sufficiency, he underlined.



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