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‘Food safety prevent malnutrition’

AT-KABUL: Food safety could decrease cases of malnutrition in which help prevent hunger and poverty, the Public Health Ministry said on Tuesday

“The government is working to fulfill the national agenda for food safety to prevent poverty that still threatens nearly 39 percent of the population,” said Homayoun Ludin, head of ministry’s nutrition department.

He said that the increase of malnutrition directly affects on the enhance of poverty, while the decrease of malnutrition helps people’s ability of accessing to foodstuff.

Thirty per cent of people don’t have access to food safety that creates different diseases, according to Ludin who said that 41 per cent of children are suffering from the chronic malnutrition, while anemia threatens 44 per cent of children and 40 per cent of mothers.

War, social problems, low capacity of employment, shifting capital to abroad and financial corruption are counted as the major elements of poverty.

Nasrollah Arsalayee, head of the council of ministers’ secretariat, said that the government started working on the national agenda for food safety in October that would help reduce of poverty.

“Considering the high level of hunger and worrying malnutrition that threaten people’s mental and physical health, the government is working on the national agenda for food safety,” he said in a conference held to discuss the agenda.

The Afghan population has a three per cent growth per year, according to a human rights commission report that said economy has only a 0.4 per cent growth.

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