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Govt to axe diplomats hired on nepotism basis: Ghani

Abdul Zuhoor Qayomi: KABUL: President Muhammad Ashraf Ghani has directed Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) to finalize list of all those diplomats who were hired on nepotism and favoritism basis instead of following proper recruitment procedure outlined by the law.

Addressing a seminar in connection with the International Women’s Day (observed on March 8), the president said that he has ordered the foreign affairs ministry to finalize the list and sack those diplomats who were appointed though they were not meeting the requirement necessary to join the foreign services of the country.

Regarding women’s rights, the president said the government is committed to empower women and address all outstanding issues in this aspect. Ghani said that special programs are on the cards to provide better livelihood opportunities to women.

He said that a women university with cooperation of the Turkish government would be built in Kabul City as education for females is top priority of the government.

“Safe working environment in the state departments will be ensured. No one will be allowed to commit violence against women in government offices, schools and universities,” Ghani said, adding that a specialized hospital for women would be built.

He assured women of full participation in the state offices, but on merit basis.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abdullah Abdullah in his message said that women would get due share in the government departments including Ministry of Foreign Affairs and judiciary.

He said that women’s rights would be protected in the peace talks with the Taliban. The chief executive officer promised to bring down the maternal and child mortality rate.

The acting minister of Women Affaires, Sayeda Mezhgan Mustafawi, claimed that her ministry made tremendous progress in the over past 13-years regarding protection of women’s rights.

She said the ministry has drafted laws, regulations, policies and international conventions relating to women and children’s rights. The acting minister termed the Elimination of Violence Against Women Law as one of the ministry’s big achievement.

As a matter of fact the law has not been approved by the parliament till date.

The ministry is working on a national plan to provide better job opportunities to women living in the remote areas till 2020, she added.

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