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Guterres Says he ‘Deeply Regret’ Suspension of Schools for Girls Above Grade Six

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KABUL: The UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres said that he “deeply regrets” the closing of schools for girls in grades 7-12 in Afghanistan.

“Support for the rights of Afghan women & girls is support that lifts children out of hunger & communities out of poverty,” he said.  “I deeply regret that girls’ education above 6th grade remains suspended – an unjustifiable violation of equal rights that damages the entire country.”

The banning of schools for girls above grade six has faced strong reactions on national and international levels.

To consider the recognition of the Islamic Emirate, the international community put the reopening of girls schools, women’s rights, and human rights, and as well as the formation of an inclusive government as preconditions.

The Ministry of Education said that the decision about the fate of the girls above grade six is in the authority of the Islamic Emirate’s leadership.

 “The reopening of girls’ schools from grade seven to twelve is for the authorities of the Islamic Emirate’s leadership,” he said. “Anytime the leadership issues an order, the Education Ministry is ready to reopen all girls’ schools immediately.”

This comes as the UN-appointed Richard Benet as the Special Rapporteur for the Afghan humanitarian situation at the 49th session of the UN Human Rights Council.

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