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Herat scholars lend support to security forces

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: A number of religious leaders and scholars in western Herat province the other day showed their support for the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) and called them loyal son of the soil. Their support had come at a time when the ANSF combating militants across the country.

Prayer leader at Hazrat Bilal Masjid, Maulvi Mohammad Mohammadi, said that mosques across the country were the best place to motivate people to stand firmly behind their security forces.

He added that spy agencies of the neighboring state were hell-bent on killing innocent Afghan masses and uses the name of religion in negative way to destabilize Afghanistan.

Pajhwok Afghan News quoted Maulvi Mustaghani, another religious scholar as saying that it is the duty of Afghan scholars to extend complete cooperation and support to the Afghan forces. He added that Ulema’s support to the ANSF were a sign of loyalty and sincerity to the motherland.

He added that Afghan forces were rendering great sacrifices to ensure peace and stability in the country where a number of Afghan forces had lost their lives at the line of duty. He added that Afghan masses should come to the fore and appreciate the Afghan security forces efforts which would raise their morale in fight against insurgents nationwide.

Abdul Wahid Aasami, director Hajj and religious affairs in Herat, called upon to the all terror groups to shun violence and reintegrate into civil society as the war result in nothing but cause devastations only.

The Afghan masses have the responsibility to cooperate with the security forces and support and encourage them to gain more success in defending militants and bringing peace and stability in the country.

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