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How Bin Laden lived in Pakistani safe haven

By Hafeez Hassanabadi

Finally, Bin laden was directly killed by Americans in Pakistani city of Abbottabad. But this killing of Bin laden has created a lot of questions centered on Pakistan; the real questions are yet to come. For example why Pakistan kept saying that Bin Laden is hidden in tribal areas and that he is in Afghanistan? Once or twice it also said that he might be hiding in the mountains of Balochistan. On what ground it has denied, with false statements, that he is not living in Pakistan? And how come it claimed that he was living in Afghanistan? How he lived just 800 meters away from Kakool Military Academy; which falls under the jurisdiction of military cantonment area, where it is utterly impossible to build home without complete information and consent of the military. Isn’t it that Mulla Omer and the other high up culprits are living in the neighborhood of other military camps and garrisons? All foot prints are leading towards Pakistan, wherever, whatever terrorist acts took place, including Spain, British, Russia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Yemen.

Now it remains to be seen how much these countries are going to compel Pakistan to account for what it has done, because, after that lot of questions would have raised their heads. How to define Pakistan’s role as a partner against the world terrorism? These are some basic questions that would reverberate for years and here we want to treat them accordingly. Let us begin with comprehensive questions, from which originates a lot of other questions: Was Pakistani state harboring Al Qaeda and Bin laden or not? In our humble opinion, Pakistan has indeed been harboring Bin Laden as its state guest, there is no space for doubt given the fact that what happened in Abbottabad. The panic within state apparatus shows that it has been helping him until the end. This is that critical fact that compelled Pakistan’s high officials to resort to lying. At last, American understood that only the conduct of vice versa can work with Pakistan. Not only it got 100 percent success, but also it exposed Pakistan’s real ugly face to the international community.

Now let us deal with some questions related to this America Navy Seals operation so that we could reach to a right conclusion. According to Brenan, the advisor to President Obama on terrorism, they kept the operation secret until they were on the Pakistani border. And this has apparently been corroborated by all Pakistani high officials, including President, Premier, Army Chief, and foreign Secretary to show their anger. After the failure of Tora Bora, Americans had abandoned the idea of trusting Pakistan. Though the Americans cannot express it openly because of the war in Afghanistan however, they, by their comprehensive acts, are expressing it quite affectedly. The secret of the success of Abbottabad operation lies in the fact that the Americans have now succeeded in creating a several time more powerful agency in comparison to ISI in Pakistan, which in future could perform astonishing acts. It benefits the oppressed nations like Sindhis, Baloch and the Pashtuns.

Now here arises a question in the mind of every sane human being that why Pakistan took such a risk by harboring such a big terrorist like Osama and why its high officials kept lying in extreme audacity that he was not in their country? Interaction with Pakistan becomes extremely difficult unless this pointed question is understood. It also creates colossal difficulties for allied forces in Afghanistan. Harboring Bin laden and the Talban commanders and continuing the Afghan war has now become a business and a state policy for Pakistan.

The constraint is that, Pakistan never wants Afghanistan to become a prosperous country to an extent where the Pashtuns again would express their desire of joining their historical country, Afghanistan.

  1. B) Pakistan abhors the idea of Afghanistan becoming a stable country which could raise the question of Durand Line status.
  2. C) Pakistan never wants India to have greater influence in Afghanistan than Pakistan.
  3. T) Because of its involvement in the war against terrorism, it is exempted of questions on the unethical and inhuman atrocities that it is inflicting upon Baloch nation on daily basis; no matter how much it breaches the well-established laws of international community. The Punishment for the barbarism that it is committing in Balochistan is the same that was applied on Saddam, Malevich, and Kaddafi. But, the tortured death bodies of Baloch people won’t matter to the conscience of America, United Nations and the European Union. Pakistan knows well deep in its heart that if the world was not engaged in Afghanistan against terrorism, they would surely not have adopted a criminal silence towards this gruesome genocide of Baloch people.

2) Business. Afghanistan has become the source of income for Pakistan since 1979. The free money, that it received from America and Saudis, in return of the services during Afghan war against Soviets Russia, has not only been used to run the country, but it has also made Pakistani rulers so habitual of free money that they couldn’t sustain its small and big industries. As a result, it has now turned into a parasitic atomic country. Even today, the war against the Talban in Afghanistan is the only reason that America and the European states are forced to give alms to Pakistan. And this war now turned into a full-fledged industry of gratis, where all its officials, from top to bottom, have their peculiar share in it. Beside this, putting on fire the NATO Tankers and Trucks have also become a lucrative business in a systemic way, which is, in time of need, used as bargaining chips by Pakistani state. They even don’t have a moral feeling on this. Gen. Hameed Gul, Imran khan and some others Mullahs are the staunch supporters of this shameless business. They even conduct long march and hold set-in protests with the secret backing of the army with full coverage of private and state owned media. Not only have they intensified their slogans to incite their fellow Muslims against America and Western nations, but also against Christianity and Judaism as well.

3) State Policy, helplessness and business has, long ago, become a part of state policy, and Pakistani state is trying to seek the solution of all its predicaments within these parameters; which is a matter of concern for all. This is the state policy which has created the concept of “our Talban and their Talban”, and Pakistan could equally apply this policy towards India and Afghanistan. It is Pakistan’s utmost desire to turn Afghanistan into a parasitic state where its rulers could never dare to uplift the living standard of Afghan people in comparison with Pakistanis. Nor it wants to see a positive role of India to be played in that unfortunate country. But this stipulation is acceptable neither to Afghan leadership nor do its public is willing to remain under poverty, forever, at the whim of Pakistani state. Similarly, the afghan people and its leadership too want to benefit from the thriving economy of India. This is something which cannot be stomach by Pakistani rulers. Therefore, it has an army of Jihadist mullahs to stop it. It will use them for two purposes in Afghanistan. Firstly, it wants to make sure that there is no end to the internal conflicts, and secondly, that India is nowhere going to have any root in Afghanistan. Despite of countless persuasion attempts and pleadings by America, it still harbored the Talban and Al Qaeda; it is clear now that Pakistan would never entirely want to abdicate its policy, because after the departure of American and ally forces, it would be utterly impossible for Pakistan to organize them with its economy.

Now the most important question arises here after this incident, has the world abandoned the idea of trusting Pakistan anymore about its Nuclear weapons safety or the war against the Al Qaeda and the Talban and the cooperation with the allied forces in Afghanistan? Now with Such serious question of strategic importance and a record of mistrust, how it can keep up with the world? These are the questions upon which a long debate can be initiated. However, it should be clear that we are talking about a Pakistan that cannot be trusted in future. But in reality, we can see that America has long ago abandoned the idea of trusting Pakistan. This was the main reason that it had to carry out the May 2 operation without Pakistan’s knowledge. And it did not hide its distrust by not informing Pakistani authority as the operation might have turned into a failure.

Either Pakistan’s secret agencies knew about the hideout of the world No1 terrorist, or it was incompetent. If we pay attention to two important points meticulously, despite being highly discreet, America has, by its actions, disclosed a lot of things; particularly leaving behind it a lot of eye witnesses, and showing no haste of taking them back to America, but asking about the names of the officials who were in contact with Ben Laden before establishing the act. These two things are the substantial evidences that can establish the fact that America has collected enough evidences about Ben laden and its circle for the past nine months. Now it wants Pakistan to corroborate these evidences. Now it also wants to see whether Pakistan has learned a lesson or continues its antics of being innocent. But so far Pakistan is still maintaining a stiffly state of denial. Being bogged into Afghan quagmire and afraid of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons falling into the wrong hands, America is going to do nothing, contrary to what it has done with other stubborn nations on matters of international importance. But one mustn’t muster a wrong notion that Pakistan can break its international isolation. Pakistan’s internal and external are so complex that the current American pressure has suffocated its oxygen – the 400% of corruption, the freedom movements of different nationalities, particularly the Baloch freedom movement, which is now in a decisive phase and might inspire the Sindhis and Pashtuns and their restlessness and chaos squarely benefit the Baloch national struggle for freedom. And it is what that can beat Pakistan black and blue. Gen Kayani, during a visit to Quetta, justifiably cited the example of Soviet Union collapse, hinting toward the chaos that Pakistan is facing today.

Development of this country has stopped long ago, and it has already started creating new difficulties for Pakistan. The lack of foreign investment and the shutdown of its own local industries would push Pakistan towards a dark alley. The external pressure apparently might not increase as it is, but the semi-death economy of Pakistan would be sufficient for it to capitulate and accept its defeat. Mistrust is the main reason which has increased the external pressure. A few times ago the Guardians and New York times have said that the high level officials of America regard Pakistan’s ISI as a terrorist organization and Pakistan started a great hue and cry about it. But on May 2 the Americans themselves captured Osama Ben Laden right in the backyard of its Kakool Military Academy with tens of telephones, computers and several other evidences. Caught off unguarded, Pakistan has no way to make any headway. As from the beginning of the article we had said that it has now become Pakistan’s state policy to host these extremists. Therefore, after Osama Bin laden, Pakistan would be languishing far behind India on Afghanistan issue. Therefore, it is something that Pakistan cannot stomach it. As a result, it would do its level best to reinvigorate the power of religious forces so that the absence of Bin Laden is not felt. They knew it long ago that Pakistan would remain important till the war in Afghanistan is ragging. The day the war came to an end, Pakistan would lose its importance. This is a view about Pakistani leadership which the Americans have long ago revealed on many occasions.

The matter of fact is that Pakistan has no control over the situations. The only thing that is still remaining under the control is the “Mullahs” with their madrassas (seminaries); on which the money of America and West are accurately being used against America and West on the right time. On the one hand America has fully allowed the continuation of its drone attacks, but on the other, these attacks are being propagated as attacks on the Muslim, and as a tool to instigate hatred against Christians and Jews. After the termination of Bin laden, being disgraced they have now started a great hue and cry that their sovereignty has been violated. The aforementioned rationale could be used as stimulant for creating new Talban. The religious extremism, which America and West nurtured against the socialism and Pakistan adopted it as a source of income, has now become so complicated that world has to adopt a new mechanism to unravel it all over again with affective schemes and formations. (To treat this subject, an appropriate time is required). War for Islam, “Jihad”, has now become a full-fledged industry where the excellent brains of this country are working. By the virtue of this, Americans are spending 1.5 million dollars against 1.00 dollar of the terrorists, which has not only affected American economy, but also it has become one of the main reasons of economic crisis of the world. This was the necessity that not only Pakistan hosted Bin Laden, but there also comes a day when we all know that the majority of the Talban commanders too have been hosted in one of Pakistan’s many military cantonments. One way or another, there must have been complicity of high level military and political leadership in the fanatic religious industry; and it never wants to handover such Talban commanders or warriors which can prove their complicity.

To be precise, the war in Afghanistan becomes more complicated, whereas Pakistan along with Afghan Talban will take revenge on America and West. They will also target India with full force. Meanwhile America along with world community would try their best to be cautious while establishing relationship with Pakistan. They even try their level best to not inter into any interaction with it until it is extremely necessary. And this intensifies the internal chaos and the external pressure which eventually force it to abdicate its whim of patronizing the religious extremists and the weapons of mass destruction; hence the downsizing of Pakistan with minimum losses.

Translated by Archen Baloch.


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