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Improving healthcare services

Ministry of Public Health came up against a lot of criticism in the past for its poor performance. Lack of comprehensive policies vitiated the health sector in the over past decade. However, optimism is gaining ground as the change in leadership at the ministry is proving good omen for the public. In a move to assure the common men of better healthcare services, the ministry has sealed nine private hospitals, cancelled licenses of 159 medicines importers. Twenty-three hospitals got a chance to improve their services; otherwise, would be shut down for not adhering to the regulations.

The decision has been highly celebrated by public as private hospitals in the country are busy in fleecing patients under one or the other pretext. Blacklisting of the medicine importers and private hospitals speak volumes about quality of the healthcare services in the country. Recent assessment of the health ministry should be taken as warning sign that means it’s not frivolous to trust the private hospitals trying to catch attention of public through catchy advertisements. Poor healthcare services provided by the private hospitals and unprofessional doctors are an implied threat to public lives.

Corruption and nepotism are the major barriers in front of the honest officials to overcome outstanding problems in the health sector. It would not be easy to get rid of the rampant corruption which has permeated so deeply in the system, but without eliminating it, there would be no improvement. It is the culture of graft which allows people with desire to use hospital solely for business purpose rather than serving public to get license and play with people’s lives. Many people having relatives at key positions in the administration and enjoy a kind of impunity because the health teams could not seal hospitals owned by them. The issue not only afflicts honest officials but general public as well.

Moreover, the drawn-out legislative procedure is another factor that has tied hands of the authorities to monitor and take action against hospitals that do not adhere to the standards. Flawless laws are essential to deal with the existing challenges in the health sector. Once brief and coherent laws are drafted and approved, officials would be able to ensure public has access to quality health services. Sadly, people having influence get license with flying colors to open hospital.

Poor patients banking on the private hospitals are often disappointed when the diseases are not diagnosed despite spending huge amount. Therefore, the government should show no soft corner and clamp down on the enterprises that are importing spurious drugs or the private hospitals that lack professional doctors and facilities but perform surgeries. Besides blacklisting, people involved in import of substandard medicines should be introduced to the Attorney General Office for prosecution.

In a nutshell, those who are playing with lives of people should be challenged aggressively by the government. Favoritism should not prevent the authorities from taking action against elements whose sole purpose is to bag money rather than playing a constructive role. The officials should be adamant on standing their ground against such mafias.

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