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Kabul catches military face after terrorist attacks

AT News Report-KABUL: Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan, has got a military face after a series of terrorist attacks with some key roads closed for traffic.

Some residents of the capital say the reason of the roads’ closure is not clear and the government is unwilling to clarify why ordinary people’s vehicles are not allowed to cross some roads that shorten distances. They say that living in Kabul city is difficult.

“Almost all the roads are closed for traffic and this makes dozens of problems for us, especially those who have patients can’t get to the healthcare centers,” said Hamidullah, who lives in Microrayon area. “The government is responsible to solve our problems,” he said.

Hamidullah added that people have to walk all the way to work and back home as buses and taxis are rarely found. “Taxi drivers demand very much and argue that they have to drive long ways to downtown.”

But others believe that the roads are closed only for ordinary people, while government officials’ vehicles with tinted-glasses can use the roads with no problems.

The closure of roads of eastern parts of the city leading to downtown has created serious problems.

Meanwhile, interior ministry ensures of “tight security measures”, with spokesman Nosrat Rahimi saying that security threats are mostly propagandas by the social media.

Afzal Aman, commander of Kabul garrison, said that road blockades are temporarily and will be soon lifted.

“The blockades are because we had reports about probable attacks and we are going to lift them soon,” Aman said.

Separately, members of senate criticize government for the road blockage, saying it should empower the detective bodies instead.


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