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Kabul, Islamabad in touch to prevent cross-line conflicts: Abdullah

AT News Report-KABUL: Diplomatic efforts are going on between Kabul and Islamabad in order to prevent the continuation of conflicts along the cross-line line, chief executive Abdullah Abdullah said Tuesday.

He added that the conflict in the Jaji Maidan district of Khost province, Pakistani troops were guilty, because they attacked Afghan troops’ outposts.

“Now the military and diplomatic authorities from the two sides are in touch to prevent the continuation of the conflicts,” Abdullah said.

Six Pakistani militia men and two Afghan civilians were killed in the weekend’s conflicts. Abdullah said that Afghan forces handed over the bodies of Pakistani militias that were left on the battle ground to Pakistani troops.

Defense ministry says that Pakistani military officials had admitted that their soldiers were guilty for the conflict.

Abdul Hannan, a senior police official in Khost province said that Pakistani soldiers crossed the line Sunday morning in the Jaji Maidan and Para Chenar areas, starting attack on Afghan forces and civilians. He added that Afghan side responded them by firing.

The defense ministry reported that totally 17 people were killed and wounded from two sides.

The Senate condemned Pakistan for attacking Afghan soil, praising locals’ assistances with the security forces in defense their territory.

Fazal Hadi Muslimyar, head of senate, said the government should use the youth from cross-line areas in defense their villages.

“We praise people’s sacrifices and are with them. The government should use the youth of cross-line areas to defend their areas in Kohst, Kunar, Paktika and other provinces,” Muslimyar said.

Meanwhile, the senate called on the United States and NATO to adopt a certain stance regarding the cross-line clashes and press Islamabad to stop violating international laws.


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