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Karzai marked 15th anniversary of King Muhammad Zaher shah

AT Kabul:

Former president Hamed Karzai commemorated the 15th anniversary of king Muhammad Zaher Shah, the father of nation.

He was a benefactor, a promoter of Afghanistan, his heart was full of Afghans national unity, and during the golden period of his reign, he has done valuable services for the foundation of Afghanistan.

Karzai said in a tweet: During his government social, economic and cultural aspects of Afghanistan have developed significantly, and the 1964 constitution enactment was the beginning of democracy and the protection of the national unity of Afghanistan which was the achievements of the late King.

Mohammad Zahir Shah became the king of Afghanistan at the age of 19 after his father Mohammad Nader Khan was killed and his reign lasted for more than forty years.

In 1973, when Mohammad Zahir Shah was in Italy, Mohammad Dawood Khan, his uncle’s son, carried out a white coup against his monarchy and declared a republican system in Afghanistan for the first time.

Zahir Shah returned to the country in 2002 and was engaged in Jirgas with the government officials and ethnic elders for the purpose of ensuring stability. On 23 July 2007, Zahir Shah died in the presidential palace in Kabul after a prolonged illness.  

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