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Karzai slams terrorist attack on Kabul sit-in camp

AT-KABUL: The former President Hamid Karzai has strongly condemned a terrorist attack targeted a sit-in camp of the Supporters of Pashtun Protection Movement in Kabul, terming it an attempt to suffocate the voice of long suffering people.

One martyred, and 14 others injured after a sticky bomb exploded in a camp that was set up to demonstrate against ethnic genocide in Pakistan.

“Strongly condemn the terrorist attack on the sit-in camp in solidarity with Pashtun Protection Movement across the Durand Line,” Karzai was quoted in a statement issued by his office.

“This was another attempt by the enemies of peace to stifle the voice of our long suffering people,” Karzai added.

The incident occurred on Saturday evening in Police District 8th of Kabul city, causing casualties to the civil society members who gathered to support the Pashtun Long March in Pakistan.

Meanwhile, the Patriotic Movement of Afghanistan said the terrorist attack on peaceful Kabul sit-in has been carried out by Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and wowed to continue its struggle until peace and stability was not prevailed across the country.

Senior leadership of the movement, during a press conference at sit-in, slammed Pakistan for conducting terrorist and destructive activities in Afghanistan and systemic slow motion genocide of ethnic Pashtun, Baloch and Hazara populations in Pakistan.

A central leader of the movement, Israr Karimzai, said Afghans—across the board gathered at Kabul-sit-in to raise voice and mobilize the general masses in support of Afghan-led peace process.

He said Pakistan’s notorious intelligence agency ISI carried out a heinous act of terrorism against the peaceful and impartial sit-in, staged by the movement at a time when participants were busy in prayers for the victims of Helmand’s attack. However, he pledged continuation of the sit-in to be extended to the provinces as well.

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