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Keeping governors appointments on hold means ‘security deterioration’

Citizens and public representatives in the parliament have times and again expressed their serious concerns over protracted delay in appointment of new governors and defense minister. Sadly, the leaders are showing no sign of being convinced or worried over a host of challenges that trouble public and which has arrested the pace of development and change. Many people live below the poverty line, national budget is like a phoenix but emerged from ashes of foreign donations, gates of many schools are shut for children especially girls, human rights are violated at such a high frequency that one thinks he is living in the wild, poor healthcare services and ever-growing corruption are adding to miseries of the general public. When these challenges need urgent attention, the government has focused its microscope somewhere else.

Somehow, many of the problems are interlinked and byproduct of the leaders’ wrong policies that were designed to secure personal interests even if the state machinery squeezed and some departments breakdown. However, this mindset should change because only the leaders at the helm could not turn the tide but they should be backed by field commanders such as governors and ministers as well.

Since it is very clear that delay in formation of the cabinet and appointment of the new governors have deteriorated the security situation and given chance to the Islamic State to make inroads, therefore, the process of governors’ appointment should be accelerated. The sooner they are appointed the sooner the general public’s problems would be addressed effectively. Moreover appointing new governors would be better because the Taliban insurgents have also announced the spring offensive. Neither the president nor the chief executive officer could visit the provinces on weekly basis due to nature of their job therefore it’s a must now that new governors must be introduced. Moreover, in the absence of the defense minister, security policies are on the decline and militancy is on the rise. at least nine Afghan border police were killed on Wednesday night. The incident happened when a militant squad assaulted a border post in Bala Murghab district of Badghis province. And three others were abducted by the militants. This incident has come hard on the heel of the bloody incident in Badakhshan where scores of troops were beheaded by Taliban fighters. When security forces are rendering sacrifices, border policemen are killed, why those sitting in the echelon of power are not throwing away their internal war, that’s proving too dear to this nation in terms of insecurity and national economy stagnation. This troubled nation eagerly looks forward for the time where leaders combine in their efforts to solve the problems of this country. But unfortunately the reverse is happening. Unfortunately we didn’t take lessons of our past as history teaches us that unity is strength. It teaches us to overcome our differences in the quest of common goals for the welfare of the people of the nation. It teaches us to strive harder, with all our combined strengths, for the path to true brotherhood and unity. If those sitting in the corridor of powers are hit by schism, how they would bring the Taliban to the table on negotiations and how they tell them that differences lead to death and destruction while unity leads us towards peace and prosperity.

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