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Laghmanis celebrates 98th Independence Day with great gusto, relish

By Ziarmal Khan-Local government of Laghman an eastern province of Afghanistan celebrates Afghanistan’s 98th Independence Day with great enjoyment and relish. The local government has made efforts to awaken the youths and common people to know their past and participate in independence celebration. The 98th Independence Day is celebrated in Laghman with difference from previous years.

Laghman Governor Abdul Jabbar Naeemi said “This year we celebrate the Independence Day with a lot of enthusiasm to teach the youths and present generation that we had great leaders who tried to bring better life, happiness and modern facilities to Afghans and this leader can be good role model for us and our future generation.”

He added: “We have had a campaign ((Know Amanullah Khan)); in this campaign we distributed pamphlets and brochures in the marketplace to youths and elders, and to men and women for recognizing the man of greater thoughts for Afghanistan.”

He said: “We encouraged the youths to know more and more about the man of vision for Afghanistan.”

Mr. Naeemi said: “I have asked all intellectuals, civil society activists, writers and all directors of Laghman province to have special arrangements for this occasion; consequently they have had better arrangements yet.”

Mr. Naeemi said that our past has many good lessons, which can lead us to prosperity and better life. He added that the present war in our country is not good for our subsequent generations in any way and it takes us more and more in modern slavery.

Laghman Governor Abdul Jabbar Naeemi also said that he has ordered all provincial security organs to have special preparation for the celebration and happiness.

A civil society activist in Laghman, Shoibullah Twabzoi says “I am 27 years of age and I have not seen such a splendid celebration in Laghman before. Mehtralam has an extraordinary beauty with the national flags and big boards.”

He said: “I and my colleagues are delighted to celebrate the Independence Day with such a relish.”

Sher Khan a shopkeeper in Mehterlam said: “I am happy for independence and it is very strange that people are celebrating Independence Day in Laghman with this much zeal.”

Amanullah Khan (1892- 1960), ruler of Afghanistan (1919 – 1929) led Afghanistan to full independence from British influence.

He was a favored son of the ruler Habibullah Khan. He took possession of the throne immediately after his father’s assassination in 1919. At that time Great Britain exercised an important influence on Afghan affairs. Since then, 19 August is celebrated as the Afghanistan’s Independence Day.

Amanullah Khan was a charming man, a sincere patriot and reformer. Shortly after ascending the throne, he pushed for a series of modern-style reforms, including an education program, road-building projects, rational legislative reforms, emancipation of women, but was opposed by mullahs (Muslim religious leaders) and finally he left Afghanistan for permanent exile in 1929.

It is famous among Afghans that the opposition of mullahs was supported by British because British could not bear a man of vision and reason like Amanullah Khan to rule Afghanistan.

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