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Laurel Miller in Pakistan

As the Taliban and other terror groups are creeping into urban and residential areas, putting civilians’ lives at greater risk, casualties are soaring steadily. There has been a security deterioration never seen before. The government cannot sit idly. It cannot adopt the wait and see policy as things gone messed up never heal on its own. The government will have to clean up the mess, which is not created by it rather the mess being brought here by world and some regional powers.

Afghan security forces have been tested ferociously in many Taliban-infested areas and villages. Yet, until the peace negotiations remain stalled, there wouldn’t be any ray of rope. Physical elimination of terrorism is near to impossibility. If even it is possible Afghanistan will have to pay an unbearable price.

The Taliban have penetrated deep into the society. Now they have been working on expanding their network even in urban areas. Therefore, the government will have to increase its intelligence-based operations. In such a case quarantining will be a toughest job. The government feels the rope is skipping out of its hands, but unfortunately, political strife still rules the roost in the power corridor. The government has huge resources, but strategy is lacking, and progress on peace front is patchy. This is because the implementation of security programs has been more brawn and less brain. The government perhaps is waiting for miracles to happen.

Nawaz Sharif’s special advisor on Pakistan’s foreign policy, Tariq Fatami, said that peace in Afghanistan means peace in Pakistan. He said in a meeting with Acting Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Laurel Miller, at Islamabad on Tuesday. Fatami informed him regarding the intra Afghan and Afghan-peace led peace process. Miller hailed Pakistan’s efforts in Afghan peace process. Now one wonders that if Pakistan truly means peace in Afghanistan is essential for Pakistan then what is not letting peace to restore in the war-wracked country.

Pakistan must tell the world about the problem. For Afghans the part of the problem is Pakistan, however, it is essential that Pakistan must also tell the world who it thinks is responsible for the chaos? If it is trust deficit, yes it is. But again there is a question that who has been feeding this trust deficit? Distrust doesn’t come without reason. When it comes to bridging the gaps and overcoming the trust deficit, regional alliance looks to be a promising solution where China can play an effective role because Beijing has been a historical friend of Islamabad and in the recent years its relations with Kabul are cementing.

Moreover, Pakistan is going to hold a regional conference on Afghanistan and there has been perhaps a seismic change of mind because Islamabad has invited New Delhi to participate in the conference. This is a biggest shift as until yesterday Pakistan was highly intolerant regarding India’s developmental role in Afghanistan and today it is going to invite its arch rival to sit together and discuss security matter of Afghanistan. The war-weary Afghan nation is eagerly waiting for the moment when regional countries come together, talk peace and security in Afghanistan and in the region and there is an end to the deadliest conflict, which has inflicted unbearable losses on this nation, both in men and material.

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